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Albany Opens Season With Loss To Bridgeport

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Things both started and ended well for the River Rats in their 16th AHL opener, but the in-between killed them.

They took a host of penalties, gave two power-play goals in a run of four straight against, and dropped a 4-2 decision to East Division rival Bridgeport.

Mark Flood had game's first goal (I won the pool, by the way) and Dwight Helminen had the last for Albany, which was probably doomed from the start. The Rats scheduled a team autograph session for after the game, and their record with postgame penmanship is 1-84-3 or something awful like that.

Albany played a lot better in the third period, which is a good sign, meaning A) they didn't give up after getting down 3 goals and B) they already started correcting some of their mistakes, and there were many.

Good crowd of 7,039 here tonight, nearly 800 more than last year. It ranked as the team's fifth-largest for a home opener, trailing 1995 (8,091), 2006 (7,396), 2001 (7,311) and 1999 (7,046).

Next up, Oct. 17 vs. Worcester (assistant coach David Cunniff) at the Glens Falls Civic Center.


I think Phil hit it right on the head when he said things started well and ended well for us. The team did not look at the good tonight. They looked good in spirts. For a few minutes they looked good then looked really bad. Was very disapointed in Justin Peters effort also tonight. Felt like he gave up atleast two very soft goals in the second period. The first goal he gave up he seemed to have stoped and then a Bridgeport just fliped it right up over him. And then there was a shooter coming in on his right he went to his right and the shooter shot it on the left right into an empty net. There was a goal also in the third which a Bridgeport player faned on a shot like two or three times and they still scored. Very disapointed in the teams effort tonight. A thing I think this team really needs to work on is there passing. There passing in this game tonight was horrible. But like Phil also said it did seem like they fixed a few mistakes in the game. But still looks like they need to fix alot.

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i was there and all i have to say is:

1)the game was iffy. Peters could have saved a few of those goals (he's no Leighton however) and most of the game we were playing in our own zone (no thanks to the million penalties).

2)the fireworks were awesome. never been to a rats season opener so i didn't expect them, wished we scored more to see more.

3)back to scoring more, I WANTED CHILI. i wouldn't care if we lost 4-3 as long as i got chili lol.

Game was alright, a little boring, we have a few things that need fixing (creating offensive chances).

Next game I'm going to is the Phantom one

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