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River Rats Ring In The New Year With 2-1 Win

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Well finally got a win tonight. After the second period tonight I was all fitting to come on here and say how well this team had done tonight. After two periods we were in tottal controll of this game. We could have very easily been up 5 or 6-0. This team was just outright amazing in the first and second periods tonight. In the second period we outshot the Senators 19-3 and just outplaying them all the way around. Were up 31-14 in shots after the second period. Was not even going to mention Manzato tonight because he did do well in the first two periods tonght but none of the shots were that good of shots. But once again in the third period tonight we came out lazy and almost gave the game away. Manzato was amzaing in that third period for us. The only reason we did not win this game by a bigger score was because the Binghamton goalie stood on his head tonight for Binghamton. He made this one amazing save tonight where Michael Ryan was all along in front of the net and shot the puck and the Binghamton goalie made the save with the paddle of his stick. The puck went up in the air and got behind him and he swung his stick behind him and knocked it out of the air with a backhand. Just the most amazing save I have ever seen a goalie make. There goalie deserves alot of credit for us not winning this game by alot more than what we did.

You've got that exactly right. My seat was right at the goal line with the binghamton goalie in the first and third and there were numerous times that we would have had a goal if not for Elliot. I don't understand why we're not playing three full periods of hockey though. I agree that they just seemed to show up for the third and try to keep the lead rather than add to it. I only remember two instances in the third where it seemed like a solid effort to make a goal. One was Petruzalek and the other was Blanchard. Everything else was kind of lack luster. Over all I think they played well, it just seems like they're only pulling the curtains when they win rather than nailing the coffin shut.

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