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Rats win in a shoot-out

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I added this once already so it may show up twice. Having issues with the thread for some reason. Maybe it's my connection.

Rats do it again

By Phil Janack

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



For the second time in three nights, the River Rats beat the Portland Pirates in a shootout.

Tonight's 4-3 victory came at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, home of Portland's new NHL affiliate. The Pirates scored with under 30 seconds left in regulation to send the game to overtime.

Despite being run over three times during the game, which led to some unpleasantries between the two teams and 154 combined penalty minutes, Albany goaltender Justin Peters stopped 31 shots in 65 minutes and all five in the shootout for the win.

Nick Dodge scored twice and Michael Ryan had a goal in regulation for Albany, which has won three straigth games and moved within seven points of fifth-place Philadelphia in the East Division.

Defenseman Jonathan Paiement, who converted his first shootout chance of the season in a 3-2 win at the Glens Falls Civic Center, scored again on Jhonas Enroth.

Attendance was 11,144.

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Rats win in a shoot-out. (sorry Max, I couldn't wait for the papers... :rolleyes: Justin Peters stops all 5 attempts. Jonathan Paiement scores in the shoot-out. What a game. Full of all sorts of brawls, scrums and fighting for a total of 154 penalty minutes for the night. Peters got the snot knocked out of him tonight. Constantly being run into, at one point it knocked his helmet off. I wish he had gotten the 2points for his trouble, but stopping all 5 shooters is the next best thing.


posted earlier

Second period:

For anyone wondering what's going on with the Albany/Portland game tonight :

the score is 2-2 and there have been almost 140 penalty minutes handed out in the first two periods. Nope. Not a typo. 138 to be exact.

I only popped online to see how many penalties there had been. I knew a lot but that's just insane. The numbers are below and I'll post the rest of it after the 3rd period.

Scoring for Albany:

Dodge & Ryan

Scoring for Portland:

Gerbe & Kennedy


1st V B. Olson 2.00 Interference 2:02

1st H F. Schutz 2.00 High-sticking 6:12

1st V B. Herauf 5.00 Fighting 9:11

1st H J. Bonneau 5.00 Fighting 9:11

1st V J. Peters 2.00 Delay of game 12:44

1st V M. Angelidis 2.00 Roughing 19:35

1st V M. Angelidis 10.00 Game misconduct 19:35 (somewhere in here there was a brawl and a couple of Portland players came off the bench. Not sure why Angelidis got a game misconduct and nobody from portland got a gamer)

1st V T. Conboy 2.00 Roughing 19:35

1st V T. Conboy 10.00 Misconduct 19:35

1st H T. Bouck 10.00 Misconduct 19:35

1st H N. Gerbe 2.00 Roughing 19:35

1st H N. Gerbe 10.00 Game misconduct 19:35

1st H T. Kennedy 10.00 Misconduct 19:35

1st H M. Mancari 2.00 Roughing 19:35

1st V B. Olson 2.00 Roughing 20:00

1st V B. Olson 10.00 Misconduct 20:00

1st V M. Ryan 2.00 Roughing 20:00

1st H M. Darche 2.00 Roughing 20:00

2nd V C. Borer 2.00 Holding 0:34

2nd V R. Weston 2.00 Hooking 5:54

2nd H A. Slattengren 2.00 Charging goaltender in crease 8:09

2nd H M. Macdonald 2.00 Tripping 12:27

2nd V T. Conboy 10.00 Misconduct 18:15

2nd V M. Ryan 10.00 Misconduct 18:15

2nd H T. Bouck 10.00 Misconduct 18:15

2nd H K. Rank 10.00 Misconduct 18:15

Third Period:


Albany: Dodge

Portland: Rank


3rd H D. Hunter 2.00 Roughing 0:25

3rd H F. Schutz 2.00 Slashing 4:46

3rd V R. Weston 2.00 Interference 8:00

3rd H M. Gragnani 2.00 Tripping 10:07

3rd V J. Samson 2.00 Holding 14:47

OT V T. Conboy 2.00 Elbowing 1:47

OT H M. Gragnani 2.00 Goaltender interference 1:47

OT V N. Dodge 2.00 Holding 4:35

It is quit allright just do not do it again :lol:

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BUFFALO, NY - Nick Dodge scored two goals and Jonathan Paiement scored the only goal of the shootout as the Albany River Rats beat the Portland Pirates 4-3 in a shootout Tuesday night at HSBC Arena.

The Pirates jumped out to an early lead when Tim Kennedy made a beautiful cross-ice pass to fellow rookie Nathan Gerbe for a back-door power play goal at 3:40 of the first period. But the River Rats answered back as captain Tim Conboy froze the Portland defense, then connected with a clever pass to rookie Nick Dodge at the top of the crease who one-timed his shot through the pads of goaltender Jhonas Enroth at 5:48 for his sixth goal of the season. The rest of period flew by fairly uneventfully until the final minute, when a quiet period exploded into a raging melee.

With 25 seconds left in the period Mark Mancari jumped Joe Jensen right off a face off at center ice. The officials separated the two players and Mancari was given a two-minute roughing penalty. As the teams were heading towards center ice for another face off, before the puck was dropped again, another exchange near the Albany bench turned into an all-out brawl involving every player on the ice. After a lengthy fracas, Tim Conboy (minor for roughing & 10-minute misconduct) and Mike Angelidis (two-minute roughing & a game misconduct) took penalties for Albany, while Portland

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It sure wasn't a pretty win, but I'll take it. I just wish, with all the scuffling, that I was there with the camera :lol: I could take or leave the fights if I'm only watching the game, but I love catching them with the camera.

I agree with Max there was some minor things that could have been better, but they did well. While I don't agree that all the penalties were necessary, I do think it's good that some of our quieter guys are starting to step up physically (Dodge and Ryan to name two).

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Yeah you know things are getting ugly when Ryan drops the gloves and fights. There was a goal Portland scored in the second period and Ryan was skating by after the puck went in and it looked like one of the portland players said somthing to him as if he was taunting him and Ryan just went nuts and droped the gloves and went right after him.

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Nice to see the Buffalo newspaper's unbiased account of the fracas <--fyi, that's sarcasm. They made us sound like a team full of goons. I understand that by default (and their parent club) that Portland was the 'home team' last night, but the reporting in that article was ridiculously skewed.

"A couple River Rats took swings at him from the bench and Gerbe was dragged near the middle of the rink as Albany had six players on the ice while Portland had just three." they make it sound like we pile drived the kid. PLUS, from the way John Hennessey told it they had guys come off the bench. One joined in, one just stood there. Tim Conboy got nailed with penalties when he came off the bench during the playoffs and these guys got nothing for that part of it. This paper makes it sound like they were out playing marbles in the school yard with they were jumped by a gang. Doesn't mention even one of the times that they plowed into Peters. Ridiculous.

Plus, at 5'6" 160lbs, what in your right mind makes you think that you can take either Conboy or Angelidis? I'm bigger than Gerbe, and I wouldn't try it.

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Rookie Nick Dodge tallied a pair of goals in regulation, and Albany went on to post a 4-3 win over Portland before 11,144 fans on Tuesday at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y.

River Rats defenseman Jonathan Paiement netted the lone shootout goal for either side, as Albany matched a season high with its third straight win.

The Pirates, playing at the home of their new NHL affiliate Buffalo Sabres, struck first when rookie Nathan Gerbe netted his 20th goal of the season 3:40 into the contest. Gerbe now has a point in all three games (1-2-3) since returning from injury.

Dodge countered for Albany just 2:08 later, and the Rats took a 2-1 lead at 11:45 of the second period when Michael Ryan tallied his team-leading 24th goal of the campaign. Ryan spent the first five seasons of his pro career in the Buffalo organization and skated in 46 games for the Sabres last season.


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