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Pictures to print Off

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I'd go to The Eye, located in the RBC Center. You'd have to pay, but the pictures are beautiful. Don't forget a sharpie, just in case!!!

How much are they at The eye? I know this sounds dumb but since Im flying in from kansas, hotel, and rental car id love to save as much as I can if I can print off my own that is money for food.... But again... How much are they at The Eye?

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Hey everyone! I am flying from kansas to raleigh to see the canes play on the 16th of Feb and was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere online that you can print off some high resolution 8x10 photos of the players to then get signed? or does anyone have some shots they have taken themselves that they can e-mail me? I love all the pics that people post up here and they of such good quality. Let me know if anyone knows of how I can go about getting some high resolution pics to print off and bring with me . GO CANES!


YO!! check this out.

https://www.allposters.com/-st/Carolina-Hurricanes-Posters_c14897_.htm' target="_blank">https://www.allposters.com/-st/Carolina-Hur...ers_c14897_.htm[/post]

I bought 3 pics and they were dirt cheap..$1.98 each

Mine were 8 x 10. Got them in 3 days...


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