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Game 7 Flick off

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On a recent trip to NY with one of my buddies who is former NYPD....we had a run in with a lady from NJ that commented on my buddies' rude demeanor. She was a little snotty. My buddy asked her, "Lady where are you from?" She replied, "Newark, NJ". My buddy replied, "No wonder you have such a bad disposition, you've been staring at the a** end of the Statue of Liberty all your life."

That ended that.

All this being said, I have a lot of friends down here that I work with from NJ. I consider many of them close friends. I have not seen much of what I've seen on devilsrule.com and some other Jersey Devils chat boards that I have read. We have been friendly stabbing at each other about this series, but it has been humane and dignified, and free of profanity. I have a great deal of respect for the New Jersey Devils, they are a great team, with a great goalie. I do think that some of their fans create an unfortunate stereotype for them. For the life of me though, I still don't see any rednecks at Canes games, and just can't fathom where our stereotype has arisen from. I've seen lots of 'rednecks' in my life, some of them in PA, some in NY, some in NJ even, some in VA.......don't see many of them around Raleigh. Never seen any at the RBC.

Alright, that being said, I'm headin back to my single wide to hang out with my relatives that I married, and talk about a sport (hockey) that I know nothing about because I live south of the Mason/Dixon line. <------sarcasm

I bet there are some Canadian fans out there that feel the same way about all American teams too. Hockey will never grow as a truly nationally televised sport until all that garbage fades away. This isn't brain surgery.

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