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I've been in Thrasher country for 2 weeks, helping my newly-wed brother and his wife move into their new house in Senoia, Georgia. So, I have spent the after hours working on some new wallpapers. I have learned a few new tricks (new for me) and produced something more edgy, added more texture. Set 17 has my favorites (Ruutu7+9, Samsonov5, Bayda6 and Ward54). Check em out, please leave comments/constructive criticism.

Set 15

Set 16

Set 17

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Here is my newest set, Set Eighteen. Hope you like...

Sorry, Portisfreak, but I am not really going to be able to do any higher resolution pics at this time, 1024x768 is the best I can do with the pictures I find around the net. If I had a steady source of high res pictures to use I might be able to do some bigger ones... but until then I'm stuck stretching smaller pictures and making due with them.

I am sooo ready for the season to get here

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I've figured out a few new tricks, so my newest ones are different - they are better. Lots of black uniform wallpapers in these 3 sections, if you are into that. Also, I am going to start saving all my images to the PNG format, considering it is a better quality image that is still internet friendly.

Section 20

Section 21

Section 22

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