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New Canes fan here!

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Welcome to the boards! Regarding the history of the team, I think Wikipedia's entry is actually pretty thorough and complete.

You have the makings of a true fan to say we were 'unlucky' in yesterday's game! We actually just didn't play very well. The year's team, like the past two years, has been injury-riddled and inconsistent.

Hope you can make it over for a game some day.


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Welcome to the Caniac Nation!!!! It's great to see more people here. :) If last night was your first time seeing the Canes play, then I have to apologize for their awful showing. They are a better team than that, trust me. We are REALLY banged up right now and it's starting to show on the ice. But luckily it sounds as if some of the injured players are going to be back into the lineup soon. I don't know how much you know about the Canes, but we won the Cup back in '05-'06 and have had two not-so-great seasons since then. Hopefully we can turn it around and show the NHL that this team is not a flash in the pan.

The team came to North Carolina in 1997 after being in Hartford as the Whalers. Since then we have had some really great players put on the Hurricanes' sweater including Ron Francis (whose number is retired) and a host of other guys. Other people can probably give you a better history of the team since I have only followed them since 2005.

Eric Staal is the future of this franchise and will someday be Captain (or at least that's the rumor). Rod Brind'Amour (the current captain) is coming back from a serious knee injury last season and is still returning to his old form. He is an absolute monster in the faceoff circle and a workout junkie. We have some really talented wingers on the team including Ray Whitney and Justin Williams (who unfortunately is injured right now-what did I tell you about being banged up?) Cam Ward is the goaltender and my favorite player so of course I think that he is great. He is having a rough time so far this season, but I really think that he will be an elite goaltender in this league. Probably the biggest story for us is the play of the guys from our AHL affiliate-the Albany River Rats. Last season we had so many injuries that a lot of guys were called up from Albany to fill the roster. Their play was exceptional and because of this, they became fan favorites pretty quickly. Ryan Bayda is one of those guys who is currently on the Canes' roster. Our defense went through a lot of changes during the offseason, but has definitely been the strong point of our team thusfar. Tim Gleason and Dennis Seidenberg are pretty defensive minded. Joe Corvo and Joni Pitkanen are more offensive minded and Nic Wallin has really surprised EVERYONE this season.

We have struggled so far this season, although our divisional standing doesn't necessarily reflect that. With the injuries and personnel changes the team is having a hard time figuring out how to play a consistent game on a nightly basis. But I think that as the season goes on, they will get better. I hope that this helps; I just realized how long it was! I think the big thing to remember is that the Hurricanes may not have the biggest names in the NHL or the richest history, but their fans have a lot of love for the team (even if we pick on them everyonce in a while). I hope that you enjoy being a Caniac as much as I have because let me tell you it's quite a ride! Welcome again!

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Great Welcome Guys!

My mate, funnily enough, decided to support Thrashers - and we are arranging to meet up to watch the game Friday Night (Well the game starts at 12.30am Saturday here) so it should be fun.

I'm only 15, so if I ever manage to come over to see a game it will not be in the near future.

I am from Glasgow, Scotland incase you were wondering - and I look forward to getting attached to this team, as I love to follow sport!

Hope I can get on here as often as possible and keep up to date with how the real fans veiw the team!

Thanks again for the warm welcome,


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