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Falling In Love....with da CANES!

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Welcome aboard, and welcome to the boards :) don't let the trolls bite...

Hi, my name is SMD and I am a Caniac. I had my last fix on April 26th, 2009. :)

I am sure that what I am about to say has been posted by hundreds of other new Caniacs, but I just gotta get it out!

About me - I am a Raleigh-native, rabid Wolfpack fan and alumni who lived out of state for many years, thus I missed both of the previous Cup runs and all that went on with the Triangle-region going ga-ga over the Canes. My wife and I moved back home to the Raleigh area a couple of years ago, but did not immediately jump on to the Canes bandwagon. Sure, we pulled for them and went to a couple of games a year, but it was more of a social excuse to drink beer with friends. I really didn't know the game at all. All of that changed the winter of 2009.

I was blessed to be included as a guest of some die-hard Caniacs on multiple occasions this year, and it provided me the chance to catch the fever and learn the game (of which I am still learning and will be for some time). I started to buy my own tickets whenever I could and take my wife and now we are hooked. As a long-time Wolfpack tailgater, I REALLY like that the Canes fans are such good tailgaters!

A few obvious things I've noticed that many of you saw ages ago I am sure;

1) As a rabid State fan, the building is TOTALLY different for Canes hockey than Wolfpack basketball. It hardly seems like the same place. Of course, a lot of that is how bad State sucks, but still, the difference surprised me.

2) The connection between the players and fans is amazing. We tailgated at the back of the RBC west lot yesterday, right by where the players drive in. It was really neat to see the warm welcome everyone provided and how the players would slow down to wave and acknowledge.

3) Having grown up on Tobacco Road - even when one of the Triangle teams has a big win, the excitement just seems somehow different. Perhaps it is because this is the first time that most people in this region have come together around one team.

4) As a game, I don't know why I thought hockey was boring all these years! :lol: Now that I am learning, I can see so much more. Frankly, the game is beautiful at times - like the 2 on 1 goal yesterday to go up 3-0.

5) We are STRONGLY thinking of NOT getting State basketball tickets next year and spending the money on Canes tix instead.

One question -

Are the authentic jerseys worth the money? I don't have a jersey yet and am trying to figure out which style to get. I started off wanting to get my own name, as I was worried any of my favorite players may one day be traded. My wife sorta talked me out of that and I am looking to get The Wizard!

Also - I am a bigger guy and these Reebok jerseys seem to run small. From my shopping online, it looks like the CCMs run a tad bigger. I am thinking about an 06 Cup finals jersey from www.coolhockey.com .

Thanks! See ya'll on the boards!

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Great story, SMD. Welcome!

Regarding authentic versus replica jerseys, the replica serves me just fine for wearing to the games. It's purely a personal preference though.

On your thought of giving up basketball tickets for hockey next season......DO IT! :)

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