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Opening Night

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They open up the parking lots about 3 hours before the game, so get there early for a good spot.  Lots of cooking/eating/drinking, and since it's opening night the fans will be in rare form.  And, they always do "special" things at the game for opening night..... should be a good time for all!  GO CANES

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We just moved here and we have season tickets!  WOOOOHOOOOO

So what is Opening Night going to be like?  We've been listening to the XM 204 for 3 years now and hear about the tailgating that goes on at the RBC and we can't wait to experience it ourselves.  When should we get to RBC on Friday? 

This is going to be a awesome season I can feel it!!

Go Canes!!!

Dude..We will be there for the first time in years!!  Driving in from Memphis on Thursday morning, maye even late wednesday night to get in time Thursday for the morning skate!  That is if the wife lets me.  Anyway, if not...we are gonna be there as soon as they let us in.  I am so jacked for this...

Look for the black Mazda Tribute with Tennesse tags...come over and have a beer.  I just got my Chad Larose 3rd Jersey so I am all set!!  GO CANES!!!!!

PS.  The wife just shot down the idea of leaving on Wednesday...hahaha...oh well

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