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Dwyer Score Twice In Albany Loss

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is mcbain gettin any pp time? who do you think the firstcalll up will bee. who would help us more right now bowman or sutter,

Yes McBain has been getting PP time. He has been getting alot of ice time and has done well with it to this point. As for the first call up it all depends on what the Canes need at time of the callup. If it is a d-man then I think either Brett Carson or if he is back and healthy when the Canes need him or Bryan Rodney or Zach FitzGereld. As of now I would go with Fitzgereld because Carson is out with a broken wrist and FitzGereld is playing well. If it is a forward the Canes need as of right this second I would go with Pat Dwyer because he is playing well and has been up before. Between Bowman and Sutter I would have to go with Bowman right now. I think they are both doing well but Bowman is doing better. As far as our three big prospect for call up right this second for a call up  I would go with Bowman first then Boychuck then Sutter. I would have to even throw Chris Terry in there because he has played well to this point as well.


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