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DONE DEAL!!! Cane's AHL team to move to Charlotte

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I wasn't able to post this as a new topic so I am putting it here.

The Charlotte Checkers front office staff is working on many things as they gear up for Charlotte’s first year with an AHL team. Season ticket prices and individual game ticket prices have been announced. They are not too much different from current prices and now include a youth ticket. Basically, Charlotte already had AHL prices because Time Warner Cable Arena is expensive to lease. The new prices can be found here:


(Current prices here: http://www.gocheckers.com/tickets/season/)

I thought this would be a good time to begin including some specific tips for the arena, how to get there, where to eat, and things along those lines. I’ll come back and edit as I remember things and I have more time. Right now, I am taking a break after a busy work week, so I have the time to do this.

Tickets: TWC Arena uses “ticketscammer”, so ordering online is expensive. Check the Checkers website as they will often have fundraisers for which there are no fees. You can also contact the front office for mini ticket plans. Craigslist is always an option too as STH’s can’t make it to every single game. Basically, check the team site before going elsewhere as you’ll often be able to get decent deals.

The arena itself: Remember, this building was designed for basketball with hockey as an afterthought. The ice is offset, so there are no seats beyond the faceoff circle at one end. The Checkers will only shoot once in this direction. Also, the upper bowl is blocked off unless needed. The lower bowl sits about 8000 including royal boxes and terrace table seating. 8000 is usually enough capacity for minor league hockey – though the upper level is often open for Friday and Saturday games. The upper level is high (about 5 stories) and in some places steep. Also, there are some bad seats in the lower bowl. There is not much of a slope to the seating downstairs, so sitting higher up while downstairs is not always bad. Also, do not sit in the first 10 rows behind the players benches – you will see nothing but the players changing lines. There are also a few seats in 103 from about row U on up next to the press box with obstructed view. The press box blocks the view for hockey games. 103 is a good section to sit in up until about Row U though. We often sit in rows R or S and it’s fine. Basically, TWC Arena is nice but it’s different than RBC.

Concessions are expensive (and I work for the company that operates the foodservice). A large beer is $7-8.50. However, there are usually specials on weeknights (the Bobcats even do this on Tuesdays). Also, there are package deals for most events now where you can get tickets, hot dogs, sodas, etc for a certain price.

Parking . Charlotte has a light rail system which will drop you off steps from the arena. It begins at 485 and South Blvd and goes about 10 miles to uptown (about 22 minutes). It’s $3 roundtrip with discounts for kids. CTC is the stop for the arena. http://www.charmeck.org/D...ments/CATS/LYNX/home.htm There are also numerous bars and restaurants here at the EpiCenter. Seventh Street also has more restaurants. Brixx Pizza is probably the most popular for Checkers games. They sponsor the team and have pre and post game events and specials. Their food is good and relatively inexpensive. Also, there is a parking garage attached to it called 7th Street Station and they will validate your parking. Other than that, there is plenty of parking available uptown - most within easy walking distance of TWC arena.

This is all for now but I will come back and update with other details – like what to do while here. There are a lot of museums, bars, theatres, etc in uptown Charlotte so if you stay near uptown, you can walk to all of them or take the free Gold Rush shuttle.

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Being a former resident of both Raleigh & Charlotte, and now living in Charleston, it brings the Canes a little closer. My only wish is that the SC Stingrays were the ECHL affiliate, then it would would truly be a Carolinas team. That will probably remain a dream since Mr Karmanos owns the FL Everblades. Still very excited for all concerned!

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