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Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Welcome to the Carolina Hurricanes official discussion forum.

The following rules and guidelines have been put in place to maintain the integrity of our community and apply to both new and existing users. Please read the rules below carefully, by posting in this forum you agree to abide by these rules. While we will moderate the board, we also ask you 'the users' help maintain a high-quality and family friendly message board. Some items are subjective and are at the discretion of the Staff.

We ask you to carefully read and acknowledge the board rules listed below and respect the feedback from the moderation team.




By registering and posting here you agree with and will abide to the following:






NOTE: Any posts considered to be in violation of these rules, including quoting and replying to same, will be deleted. At the discretion of the Administrators, violators can/will face warnings, posting restrictions, suspension or a permanent ban.   


This is a family-oriented site provided and operated by the Carolina Hurricanes and the National Hockey League. You agree not to post Pornography, profanity, sexual innuendo and anything else similar in text, or as an image within the community. Circumventing the filter by starring out words or letters is considered the same as using profanity.

You agree not to post discriminatory material or use any verbal slur that targets someone, or a group of people, based upon gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, and cultural background. This behavior will not be tolerated....period.


You will be tolerant and respectful of your fellow board members and any visitors. While criticism of ideas and opinions is always welcome, engaging in slander and personal attacks like name calling or labeling other members in any way, will not be tolerated. If you deem yourself more savvy than another user, please respond constructively. If you find you can't get along with another user, feel free to use the ignore feature.



Please respect the personal privacy of all league players, management, personnel and their families. Discussions or photos which are personal in nature are not allowed. The staff reserves the right to remove any offensive posts, topics or photos that are personal in nature to any player or member of the Hurricanes organization.

Threads or posts that are political or religious in nature are not allowed. Unfortunately, past experience has shown that such threads/discussions tend to get out of hand and require excessive maintenance and monitoring by the the staff. Threads or posts that are political or religious in nature will be locked or removed without notice. We appreciate your understanding on this position.

You agree not to advertise or promote any products or services via affiliate links either on the board or through private messaging. This includes referrals/invites to join other message boards or communities or any promotion to a website with intent to siphon traffic or make a profit. Anyone registering to advertise will be banned from the CH.com community. Advertising illegal game feeds that are not authorized by written consent of the NHL is against the rules. A swap meet forum has been provided for our members as an acceptable place to advertise the re-sale of tickets and hockey merchandise. *Note, all tickets must follow the NC ticket laws.

Sharing news items is welcome but you must post a link, or give proper credit in standard news format to the author/source instead of reproducing the entire article. Advertising illegal game feeds that are not authorized by written consent of the NHL infringes copyright laws and is against the rules.

You may post images you have taken at games or made yourself that are Hurricane related. All images that display the Carolina Hurricanes name, image or logo, or that are already copy righted to the Carolina Hurricanes are the Canes property. No images may be used for commercial purposes, sold or traded without the consent of the Carolina Hurricanes and the NHL. If images stretch the page, please edit your post and post a link to the picture instead. Please be respectful to fellow members and ask permission before copying and using images that you didn't post or create. The staff reserves the right to remove any image for any reason at our discretion.

Any topic or post viewed as trash talk by the staff may be removed without warning. This is a forum provided by the NHL for the fans of the Carolina Hurricanes, registering and posting on this board with the intention of demeaning, insulting and/or cheering against the Carolina Hurricanes and their fans is considered trolling and will not be tolerated. We hope our members will return that same courtesy when visiting the other NHL team boards.

Posting the same message in several forums is unnecessary and not well-respected. Replying to obvious spam will result in a warning. "Chat Style" threads, one line or word responses ( I agree, me too..) and responses posted just to gain a higher post count or stir up trouble will result in a reduction in your post count. If done repeatedly, it will be considered spam and will result in a warning. Your posts should be meaningful, well thought out and add something of substance to the discussion. Cross-posting will result in threads being locked and/or deleted at the Staff's discretion.

Taking a thread off-topic is offensive to the originator of the thread and the entire message board. Please keep all posts relevant to the topic at hand and take all off topic comments and conversations to PM.

You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. Accessing or using another members account is strictly prohibited. Multiple accounts will automatically be disabled and the primary account banned. If you are found to be using more than one account (i.e. proxy accounts), you will be permanently banned. Any attempt to bypass a temporary suspension or ban will immediately result in your account being disabled permanently.

The Carolina Hurricanes and CH.com do not endorse and are not responsible for the content of external sites - links will open in new window. Members will be held responsible for posting links to external sites that contain offensive material. Any questionable or offensive links will be deleted.



In order to post ticket for sale, you must include the following information:
1. Date of the game or event
2. Location of seats including section, row and seat number
3. Face value as shown on the tickets
4. Asking price
5. Contact information


*This message board cannot promise that all tickets sold here are legal or valid tickets. If you purchase tickets from a member in this forum, you do so at your own risk. Any post that violates our policy or the NC state ticket laws will be removed immediately as well as the tickets potentially being disabled. Anyone intentionally attempting to sell tickets that are fraudulent, illegal or known to be invalid are subject to prosecution.

**Any swap meet post missing any of the above information may be removed without notice. Please be aware that the Carolina Hurricanes are in no way responsible for tickets bought anywhere other than their authorized ticket agents (TicketMaster, RBC Center Box Office and/or directly through the Carolina Hurricanes ticket sales staff).


***The Hurricanes allow us to provide a swap meet as a convenience to our members. "EBay" type postings that promote bidding similar to an auction are not permitted and will be removed without notice.



Threads at the top of each forum contain important message board information, read them to keep current on board news and upcoming Canes events. Pinned threads are topics that can be found at the top of the forum and will stay current regardless of posting traffic. If you want a topic pinned, PM any staff member with the request.

Please do not make a thread or post about message board issues but rather send all suggestions, complaints and compliments via a private message to one of the staff and please allow time for us to respond. Threads on board issues will be deleted and similarly, "hey mod" posts are not an effective way to comment and may result in a warning.

Please report infractions to a moderator by using the “report” option located at the top of each post. If a member thinks a post is significantly inappropriate, the appropriate action is to report that post to the moderators. Attacking the poster of the questionable post is not an appropriate course of action, and will expose the member themselves to administrative action.


In the interest of keeping a tidy forum, you are expected to search for already existing threads on the same subject. Either page back or use the search function (located at the top right of the page). Posting duplicate threads will not endear you to your fellow users and your thread will either be locked or merged with the existing topic. While you're not expected to search exhaustively, some effort is required. Bumping old and outdated threads, especially to "stir the pot" is offensive to our message board. Outdated bumped threads will be locked and may result in warning.

Please think about which board your topic belongs in before posting your message. The staff reserves the right to move topics and posts as they see fit to keep the board orderly and easy to read.

All images, including avatars and signatures, must conform to message board rules. Please keep graphics at a PG-level because this is a public forum with a +13 age limit. Avatars can be no more than 100 by 100 pixels and signatures no taller than 150 pixels, this includes both image and text. The staff reserves the right to request and/or remove any signatures we find inappropriate, regardless of its size. If you want to copy and use images that another member has created and provided, ask permission before copying their images. You would want that same courtesy if the images were your art.

We welcome and enjoy having opposing views in our discussions but if you are a visitor here, remember that this is the home for the fans of the Carolina Hurricanes. We welcome fans of all teams here as long they're here to talk hockey and be respectful to our members. If you came to stir up trouble, your visit will be a short one.

**Any violations of the above stated rules and guidelines may result in warnings, suspensions or permanent bans from the Carolina Hurricanes community at the discretion of the staff, please read the section detailing the Warning and Ban system carefully.


All new accounts are registered through NHL.com. If you register multiple accounts, all but one will be disabled. New members are welcome to introduce themselves and get help with the software in the New Member and Feedback forums, but may not start new topics in the other discussion forums until a 25 post minimum has been reached and their account has been promoted to full member status,

Warnings and Bans
- This message board has a "3 Strikes and Your Out" policy.
- If you receive three written warnings to your account, you will lose your member privileges indefinitely.
- Each written warning = temporary suspension of posting privileges
- Members may request to have a warning reduced or removed when the 4 week period (per warning) has ended if there have been no further issues.
- The Staff reserves the right to keep a warning on a profile after review.
- All warnings are cumulative and remain noted on your account.
- Creating multiple accounts to gain access when an account has been suspended will result in a permanent ban.
- Infractions will be discussed with staff members in PM only.
- Arguing or complaining about warnings/board rules in a public forum will result in an additional warning.
- Moderating a message board can be a thankless job and calling out or baiting our staff will not be tolerated.

**Accounts can and will be banned at the discretion of the staff based on the severity of the infraction, history of the violator or continued refusal to comply with the board rules and guidelines.

Warnings - will appear under your profile info in each post.





Warning points range from 0 (no warnings) to 3 points (3 warnings).

A member's warning points can only be seen by that member and the staff.

*If you have any questions about the above stated rules and guidelines or need some clarification, please contact a staff member. If you disagree with any of the above stated rules and guidelines, this may not be the forum of choice for you.

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