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Getting to know: Kevyn Adams

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Getting To Know: Kevyn Adams

The Hockey News/Mark Malinowski

2010-09-12 09:40:00

Status: NHL center from 1996 to 2008 for Toronto, Florida, Columbus, Carolina, Phoenix and Chicago. Scored 59 goals in 540 NHL games.

Ht: 6-foot-1 Wt: 200 pounds

DOB: Oct. 8, 1974 In: Washington, DC

Hockey Inspirations: "My parents, and hockey-wise - Wayne Gretzky and Gilbert Perreault."

Nicknames: "I've pretty much just always been ‘Ads’ or ‘K-Ads.’"

Hobbies/Interests: "I love to golf. I love to just be on the lake in the summer. Just anything with the water. And I love just getting on the boat and chilling, basically."

Favorite Movies: "Scent of a Woman. Love Al Pacino movies. And recent one was Wedding Crashers."

Favorite TV Shows: "Cheers is the all-time best. And second best would have to be Seinfeld."

Musical Tastes: "Tragically Hip is a favorite group. I can listen to anything. I got the biggest assortment of songs on my IPod that you can - everything from country to anything in between country and rap."

Early Hockey Memory: "My very first practice in my life and I cut my chin open for eight stitches. (How?) I fell and my helmet wasn't buckled up the right way. And it came off and I cracked my chin on the ice."

First Job: "I've only had one job outside the hockey world and that was as a fry guy at a local restaurant (Berrafatto's Char-pit) in my hometown. But my first job was probably being a hockey school counselor."

First Car: "Plymouth Horizon. (Color?) Silver."

Favorite Meal: "Spaghetti. (With?) Meatballs. But I like it with olive oil, I love everything, anything with cheese. Tofu. Anything (smiles)."

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: "Frosted Mini-Wheats."

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: "Chocolate."

Pre-Game Feeling: "Just to have fun. Go out and - fortunate to play the game - so make sure I go out there on the ice and just play as hard as I can and enjoy playing."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Was stepping on the ice in my first Stanley Cup final game (vs. Detroit in 2001-02). Just realizing I was playing for the ultimate prize. That's definitely the best memory in sports in general."

Most Painful Moment: "Probably in terms of being - you go from such a high to such a low - when we lost the Cup. And you realize it's actually over. And you're going to have to start from scratch. And try and get back there and have another shot at it."

Favorite Arenas: "RBC Center. Air Canada Centre. Madison Square Garden. And Buffalo."

Closest NHL Friends: "Sean Hill, Alyn McCauley, Craig Adams and Erik Cole."

Funniest Players: "Sean Hill. (Why?) You never know what you're going to get from him. At any time he can just say something that catches you off-guard. And he's always got a smile on his face. When you're around him, you're happy (smiles)."

Toughest Competitors: "Mike Peca. Just in your face. Hits hard. Plays hard every shift. I'd say he's probably the number one."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "First playoff game in Toronto. I scored on my own goal. Backchecking, broke up my own ‘Cujo’ shutout. Didn't enjoy that one ('98-99)."

Favorite Vacation Spot: "Hawaii."

People Qualities Most Admired: "Character. And someone who when they say they're going to do something, they do it."


Kevyn Adams played 540 carer NHL games with Toronto, Columbus, Florida, Carolina, Phoenix and Chicago. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

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