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The Gallery and Image Uploading

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The Gallery and Uploading Images

There are 2 ways to upload photos

  • adding them directly into a post

  • uploading them into the gallery

1) Adding them directly to the post - requires the image be hosted by an outside source like Photobucket or Flicker.

  • use the image icon in the post editor to add the URL or direct link for your image
  • Resizing images must be done at your host source, there's no way to manually resize images in the editor
  • Images larger than 400x400 pixels will be automatically scaled down in size


2) Using the Gallery - requires that your images are located your own computer's hard drive.


How to create an album for the Gallery

-open the Gallery from the top tool bar on the main message board page

-click members gallery

-click new album (top right)

-give your album a title and choose public album

-click create album

This pulls up your album manager page:

-choose your album

-click new image

-browse your hard drive to find your image (upload box at bottom of page)

-add caption or comments (optional)

-click submit

-repeat for as many photos as you want to add

*there is a bulk editing option if you have multiple images to add but you'll need to use zip files

Once you have your album all loaded:

Don't forget to add a comment in the right status bar & in the appropriate thread inviting everyone to view your album. :)

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