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Hurricanes Selling Your Personal Information?

Text to Win Scam  

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  1. 1. Have you received a call from (888)549-3378 after entering a text to win contest at a Hurricanes game?

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    • No
    • I have never entered a text to win contest featured at the hurricanes game.

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Sorry for the following rant, but I think this information should be shared for fellow Caniacs who attend home games.

At every Hurricanes game, they feature a "Text to Win" contest during one of the breaks, where you text an answer to a question to be entered to win a prize. Later on in the game, the winner is announced. Little do most entrants know, the point of this game is not to find a winner, but to collect phone numbers which can then be sold to soliciting companies.

I am a season ticket holder and attend almost every home game, which is what really bothers me about this situation. I usually do not enter these contests, but decided to give it a try a few games ago. Needless to say, I didn't win. However in the proceeding days I received one or two phone calls every day from the phone number (888)549-3378. Every time I picked up the phone, I would hear someone breathing on the other end, but they would not respond to me and eventually hang up. Similarly, my brother had entered and received a call (this time someone responded to his answer) telling him he had won a "free cruise" by entering at the Hurricanes game, if only he would travel to Atlantic beach and hear a 90 minute presentation.

I got curious and did a quick google search for the number and found some interesting information about a company called "Festiva Vacations" that is calling from this number. Apparently it is a large telemarketing scam attempting to sell timeshares under the guise of providing a prize that was won in a contest. Further research revealed that most of the people who were receiving these calls had attended some sort of event that featured a text to win contest (many of them had attended a Hurricanes game).

I finally called them back and ask to be removed from their calling list (I am already on the "Do Not Call" list) and they promptly removed me. I have yet to see if they will call me back again, as today was the day I was removed from the list.

While ultimately, I take responsibility for submitting my text answer, I think it is both inconsiderate and unacceptable that the Hurricanes organization would stoop to the level of distributing their fan's personal info for a few bucks, and allow this kind of abhorrent advertising without informing their fans of what they are truly signing up for.

For more information, google the number (888)549-3378.

What are your thoughts?

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Hi and welcome :)

My thoughts would be that if you have serious questions about this promotion's validity, you should contact the in-game promotions person who's in charge of it. You'll probably get more info from those in charge rather than fans who come here to talk Canes hockey.

My guess, and only just a guess is that the texting promotion is sponsored by whatever company contacted you and there's some fine print somewhere you missed about it. Not saying I agree or disagree with it.

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Thanks for the reply!

This thread was started more with the intent of informing others, so that they would not offer their personal info to this company.

On that note, I have already taken it up with someone in the Season Ticket Sales & Client Services department. On a secondary basis, I am trying to get a feel for who else has experienced these calls and shameless telemarketing, in order to make my point more valid. I would like to appeal to the Hurricanes to do a better job of screening their affiliates and advertisers for the sake of maintaining a good image with their fan base and in particular people who attend games. In all likelihood the organization is unaware of the marketing that the company does after the games.

Regardless, I am sure it is not in the Hurricanes best interest to be associated with a company that makes phone calls to meet quotas by repetitive calling without providing any information (followed by a long, incessant process in order to be removed from the calling list). Similarly, I am sure some kids enter the contests, and I don't know any parents that want a stranger calling their kids, breathing heavily into the phone and hanging up without explanation.

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