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RiverRat Signature Identification

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I figured you guys would enjoy this little project with me - I just got a Justin Peters game used stick from a "recent season" that has 16+ signatures on it. Now, I am good with Canes autographs, but a lot of these guys are unrecognizable to me. Can you identify some of the signatures on this stick? THANKS!!!


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Well I have used Google Images to identify all but three. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I have a Boychuk autographed stick - his signature isn't on this one, it's very unique. Also I have figured out that this was from the 2009-2010 season.


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Hey John, nice Justin Peters stick with autos there. I don't know much about Rats autograph. I know only the ones who have been called up before. Zac Dalpe, Jerome Samson, Jamie McBain, and Oskar Osala look good to me, but I don't know about those 3 that you have not identified. There are 3 of them that I don't know if you label the right players, Jon Matsumoto, Brandon Sutter, and Justin Peters. What do you think?

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Looking at my hat that I just got signed by 20 Checkers players this past weekend and the names are still fresh in my head, I have noticed you have a couple labeled wrong.

#15 - Jersey #4, this is Zack Fitzgerald, not Justin Peters.

#7 This one is too faint to make out.. I can't even get a jersey number out of it.

#11 Based on others I've seen, #31 I'm pretty sure this is Mike Murphy.

#12 I can't make anything out of this one and it doesn't match any of the ones on my hat.

Peters wore 35 for Albany, and 60 for the Hurricanes. It would appear unless it's one of the ones we can't make out your Justin Peters stick does not have Peter's auto on it. I wish I could help you out more but most of them are too hard to make out.

The Matsumoto doesn't look the same as on may hat, but I can't tell for sure. Some of the other ones like Oskala, Samson, etc I don't have since they weren't playing last Sunday.

Also, if that's from 09-10, it can't be Brandon Sutter since he played the full season last year with the Hurricanes. That #9 looks to me to be Brett Bellemore. I'm sure what that would make for your #13.

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I was finally able to get some pictures of the auto's on my hat. I figured I would post these here for those that might be interested as well as those attempting to ID auto's. I only took a few broad pics, but if you want me to zoom in on a particular one I can do that as well. Some of them you can easily see the jersey numbers, some you can't but I'll post jersey numbers for all the guys as well.


#6 Bobby Sanguinetti (left)

#18 Jacob Micflikier (right)

HC Jeff Daniels


#36 Brad Herauf (top left, upside down since he signed from the other side)

#26 Nicholas Blanchard (lower left)

#29 Michal Jordan

#4 Zack Fitzgerald (top right)

#23 Chris Terry (bottom right)


The bill is obviously the most crowded but here goes.

Left Side : #20 Riley Nash, #23 Cedric McNicoll

Middle: #1 Justin Pogge(top), #11 Zach Boychuk, #30 Bobby Geopfert, #15 Matt Pistilli

Right Side: #19 Zac Dalpe, #14 Brett Sutter, #28 Casey Borer


This view also gives a better look at Casey Borer's who was right on the edge of the bill. (Far Left)

#33 Bryan Rodney (bottom left)

#34 Brett Bellemore (middle)

#10 Jon Matsumoto (top)

#8 Nick Dodge (right)

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