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Hello from The Sticks, South Carolina

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I've been a huge hockey fan since the early 90s, when the Atlanta Knights played in the Omni. I was at the game when they won their leagues cup. I've been a Thrashers fan since that team supplanted the Knights.

My family's hockey roots go back to the 1972 coming of the Atlanta Flames to their original home. My father worked for the identity/PR firm that helped Tom Cousins kick-off that franchise. My father was the graphic designer and he was responsible for both the round Hawks and Flames logos. So, I have more-that-a-passing-interest and pull to the Flames "A" logo . . .

*(Who wouldn't?)

I live in a small town in rural South Carolina just south of half-way between Philips and RBC. Anyways, I've been a Thrashers fan . . .

Now, they are no more and the morons that ran the team into the ground got a payday and the fans got screwed.

So, my alliegence shifts to the "other" Southern team I had an interest in . . . you.

(And this feels just as weird as it would for you if things were reversed)

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Glad you joined us, you have some amazing ties to the Atlanta teams and I'm sure this must all feel very strange.

Welcome aboard :)

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Your correct. It would feel just as weird if the tables were turned. I'm glad you decided to join us. There is always room for a good hockey fan.

Welcome aboard and I look forward to seeing your posts.

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I posted this under the Thrashers move to Winnipeg thread as a long answer to a simple Flames question, but think it should be repeated here too.

I was asked about the meaning of the Flames name, then responded with:

From Jim Huber & Tom Saladino's book "The Babes of Winter: The Inside History of Atlanta Flames Hockey" (1975), page 21:

The name the team contest had over 10,000 entries, with "over 2,000 different names. There were 365 Thrashers, 162 Eagles, and 101 votes for Phoenix. There were also 19 Scarlletts, nine Grits, eight Taras, five Rhetts, and four votes for Aardvark."

2 paragraphs later is this one:

"The hockey people wanted to name the team the Rebels, outfit them in grey and red uniforms, and station a bugler somewhere in the stands to play a rousing "Dixie" every time the team needed help.

"'I'm told told that wouldn't exactly work down here anymore," said Fletcher, who was learning more every day."

(P. 21)

Fletcher was George Glifford Fletcher was the general manager who "had grown up in the Montreal Canadiens organization, scouted and managed the club's junior team, and had become almost a son to Montreal general manager Sam Pollock, the man known throughout the league as "the Godfather." Fletcher had worked hard and had studied every move Pollock made." (p. 17)

The official winner of the name-the-team contest was 19 year old Mickey Goodman, who gave what became the official reason:

"it signified a city rising out of the flames and ashes of a civil war to become whole again."

My father laughed when he remember that and said the name "Flames" had the in-tract line, as it was the one used in the original pitch to the NHL and had notable publicity before the contest. The reason, though, was good and perfect for Atlanta, esp. at the time.

My father was the graphic designer, just out of college at the time, who worked for MacDonald and Little, the ad agency with the account to market the new team. In fact, he is pictured on page 20 with the copy writer and the 2 agency principles Mike MacDonald and Tom Little themselves:


The ad-men are on the left, the writer is sitting down and my father is the one standing on the right. He now has a framed copy of that on his desk (copied from the book) that reminds him of the "old days" that he likes to compare and contrast to the industry today (owns his own identity and branding firm).

He designed the Hawks logo on the bottom (hi first professional logo) and the Flames (his second and still his personal favorite has has EVER done, which includes the Tampa Bay Rowdies, both Cox logos, the Turner Sports T (originally supposed to be the Turner corporate logo), the original Edward's Pie logo, the "classic" silver Hayes computer logo and packaging, and much more.

The 2 top papers were studies on other alternate ways of doing the logo.

THAT is why the Flames logo is "uniquely special" to me . . .

Oh, and the Flames A incorporates:


3 Flames (2 positive space and one negative space between and below them)

Hockey goal (overal shape-> open end to right)

Hockey stick (left side slant)

Crouched "face off" silhouette (overall ahape)

the front edge of a skate blade (bottom of right side, bottom edge of "A")

See it all?

(And, yes, many, many hours were spent tying to get all that in there and reshaping/redrawing it to be just right)


He has the original pencil and marker on hard board drawings in his office. Those were copied and reproduced as THE logos for both teams. I've been pushing him (for years) to get the framed . . .

Still not happened.

Oh and the room they are in for the staged photo had cork walls, and stuck something awful, he tells me.

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I've finally crossed the "full member" threshold and can create a sig like I want, make new threads, and so forth.

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I've been working on creating the idea of a "Cane Bird" jersey, well at least one for me. Using what I can access, I've gotten pretty far along in the plan. Here it is:

Blank Jersey: Atlanta's "Blueland" light blue one

Front: 12x13 "Bat Bird" Thrashers w/ a 8-10" wide Hurricanes storm logo across the body, between the wings.

Right sleeve: Thrashers "shield" logo on bottom and Carolina flag one on top.

Left sleeve- in the navy stripe (why I use this jersey): CANE BIRD in block letters -not sure best colors yet.

Back (maybe): TARTAN JACK and #11 (for 2011, year of the move and shift- creation of the Cane Bird.)

I claim this idea. It WILL be done! -as soon as I can assemble the pieces . . .

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