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Former Thrashers fan in Winston-Salem

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Hello everyone. I grew up in Winston-Salem. Read old newspapers and subscribed to Hockey News to know anything about hockey. Then moved to Atlanta in 1995 where I eventually got season tickets to the Thrashers for their first two seasons. I had always wanted to fully support a local sports team, so it was neat to join up when it started. After the 2nd season, I moved to Colorado for 2 years. I went to a lot of Avs games and really liked the class of Forsberg and Sakic. The rivalry with the Red Wings was awesome. With Center Ice though, I kept following the Thrashers. I occasionally watched the Canes because by then they had moved through Greensboro to Raleigh after I had moved away from NC. I moved back to Winston-Salem and would go see the Thrashers when they played in Raleigh. The Canes were a rival, but not someone I hated. I even scored tickets to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup vs. Edmonton which was awesome.

So when the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg, I wanted to follow them at least one more year before they moved to the Western Conference. But I needed to commit to a long term team. It's a long drive to Raleigh for anything except a weekend game, so my wife and I got a 12pk of Red season tickets for a test drive and to get mostly Saturday games this year. Now I just need to start watching the other games on TV.

Looking forward to finally going to RBC and pulling for the home team. :)

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Welcome to Cane Nation!

As also a former BlueBird fan, I certainly understand this statement:

"The Canes were a rival, but not someone I hated."

I felt that way too. If you "hang" around here, you'll find them very open, accepting, and kind to Canebirds (Thasher fans pulling for the Huricannes). "Southern hospitality" is alive and well here, and I'm thankful for it.

As for the former Thrashers themselves, I hope them well. The games where they play the Canes will be weird. But, the Winnipeg fans who bombarded the Thrasher forums after the move was leaked, then announced, ruined my of my plans to continue to support the team. Now that they have been thoroughly "Jet-ified" and "Canadianized," that won't be too hard.

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