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Kirk Muller

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I am an old Devils from from the time Kirk Muller was drafted #2 behind Lemieux. In those days the Devils were terrible, the team Gretzky referred to as Mickey Mouse. I had the unexpected joy of watching this youngster wearing #9 in those days whose work ethic was beyond compare. If you just kept your eye on Muller during each shift you were treated to envialble desire to get the puck from hard nosed board work and usually kick it out with great precision to a teammate leading to a score. Considering what a poor team the Devils were, Kirk Muller put up some tremendous numbers for assists, points and goals during his tenure with the Devils, bringing the first inkling of respectability to the team. It was a major disappointment when management (lamorello) wouldn't reward him for his work ethic and brilliance and traded him away. I gave up my season ticket and followed Kirk to his stops with toronto, NY Islanders, Florida and Dallas. His victory in the Stanley Cup as Captain of the Canadians was very fitting and when as a Star he encountered the Devils, it was Kirk and Dallas I found myself rooting for. For Carolina fans (I now count myself among them) that never saw him play I will say this:

If he can istill his passion and that work ethic into even half of the current Hurricane players, you will have many satisfying seasons ahead. Best wishes, Kirk, much success!

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