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Finally acting on the invitation

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Been around for a while and thinking that it may be time (or about time) to do more than lurk. A three year STH and following the Canes for much longer.

My first time at a live game was back somewhere in the 70's. Got some tickets given to us for a game at Madison Square Garden, the league wasn't the NHL, and the teams were the Sharks (Los Angeles), and another team, oh yes, the New England Whalers.

Found them again when they moved to Greensboro, and later to the ESA in Raleigh.

I'd be at the game tonight, but can't do the 280 mile round trip this time. No TV. Bummer. Looking likee Chuck K by internet radio instead.

BTW, that long time status doesn't make me an expert, but I may fit right in with some of the people on the board.

Looking forward to adding a thought or two when it fits.

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It's always good to have some old-school hockey insight. Thanks and welcome!

Yep, old school. The Rangers were the team mostly on am radio on the way home from night school. Remember Nick Fotiu, played street hockey in New York growing up. And Ron DuGuay, long hair waving on a breakaway, no helmets then...

Well, maybe a little too old.

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