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2012-13 Fantasy Hockey League For Canes Fans

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OK, so I have created a Fantasy Hockey league for interested canes fans.

Name of the league is 'Caniac Connection'

Message here with your e-mails if you are interested! I will send you an invite! Draft is currently set for SUNDAY, OCT 7th, 8:00pm, but can be changed if need be.

Head to Head weekly scoring, playoffs. This should be good!


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There's only four participants so far. I know there's not a great chance that the season'll go, but if you're interested, WE NEED MORE PARTICIPANTS!

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2012/13 NHL Fantasy Mock Draft

1. Donald Fehr

2. Empty Seat

3. Faceless Lawyer #1

4. Unfulfilled Promise of A New Season

5. Gleeful Owner Treasure Bath!!

6. Unworn Jordan Staal Jersey

7. Faceless Lawyer #5

8. Colder Weather, But No Hockey

9. Season Ticket Refund

10. Quick Arena Conversion from Basketball to Basketball

11. Someone who agrees to punch Gary Bettman

12. Caniac Carnival FunFest Lockout-a-ganza!

13. Another Viewing of the 2006 Final Game 7

14. Atlanta Fans' Schadenfreude

15. Gary Bettman's broken nose

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