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I'm new to the board

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For whatever reason, I can't post a new topic, so I chose this one, since it seems most appropriate. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica and I'm a devout Canes fan who does not miss a game, ever. Anyways, let's get down to business.

The reason for my post here, is that, after trying to kill some boredom by watching Youtube videos, I've decided that I would absolutely LOVE to organize a Flash Mob and/or several sections in the PNC Arena to do the very popular dance called the Harlem Shake. I feel this would show amazing support to our beloved Canes, and I'm interested in anyone that can suggest ideas as to how I can arrange something like this. I've had no experience doing something like this, so any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.

Please help me with any feedback you may have! Thank you so much for input into this project, and as always GO CANES!

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Welcome, your intro was moved to the new member intro section. Sounds like quite an undertaking but it would be awesome if you could pull it off.

I would recommend emailing the Canes PR guy directly, he may be able to give you some good ideas on how to pull it off and can hook you up with the guys at CanesVision who control the in game music.


Another person to contact is Mike Whiting (aka BigMike) from the Storm Squad.

Good luck and welcome :)


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Ewwwww Harlem Shake. But welcome :D


Harlem Shake to me is like the next planking. It was interesting the first time you see it (maybe), but by the 12908549328th time it's just annoying.


And my advice to getting to know some of us is go on the chat room during games. Good way to pass time during tv timeouts and intermissions and there's no time delay to responses like here.

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