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2013 NCAA Tournament

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Well, the brackets have been announced and it looks like it's going to be a crazy couple of weeks. The 4 ACC Teams that got in were the only four I expected, UNC, Duke, Miami and NC State. I didn't think Virginia or Maryland would make it. The selection sunday guys were wondering how Duke ended up ranked higher than Miami, but I don't think they did. The way I understand the bracket to work, with Duke being the #2 seed in the same bracket as the overall #1 seed Louisville, than that would make Duke the "worst" 2 seed, or 8th overall, where as Miami in the bracket of the #3 1 seed would be something like 6th or 7th overall. I'm OK with both Duke and Miami as 2 seeds. In fact I think Miami got a gift of a seed and will walk into the Final Four.


State and Carolina both got hosed a little bit with 8 seeds. Those 8/9 matchups are a killer, but I think we can both win our first round games. UNC matches up against Villanova who was 7th in the Big East. Is the Big East really that deep? They've lost 3 of their last 5, although one of those two wins was an upset of Georgetown. NC State faces off with the Temple Owls from the Atlantic 10. They are fourth in the A-10 but I think there's a pretty steep dropoff after VCU and Butler. St Louis, VCU and Butler all have 26 wins, Temple only 23. Duke, UNC and State all have a really tough road to try to make it to the Sweet Sixteen or beyond, but I think Miami makes the Final Four.


Also, congrats to NC A&T for winning the MEAC and making the big dance. I think they can win their play-in game against Liberty and unfortunately the gift for that is getting destroyed by overall #1 Louisville. 


Also, worthy to note.. Future ACC teams Syracuse, Louisville, Pitt and Notre Dame all made the tourney, but that was in the Big East where they get to beat up on teams like 11-21 Depaul, 12-19 South Florida and 15-18 Seton Hall.  The dregs of the ACC were not quite *that* bad.  Wake, Virginia Tech and Clemson all squeaked out 13 wins. 

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