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Goaltending for Checkers/Canes

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Despite not winning games, which as bad as we've been playing I don't think you can hang 100% of the losses on the goalies, we've been known to hang guys in net out to dry and leave them to fend for themselves.  I think the injuries to Ward and then briefly to Ellis have shown that we do have a pretty decent depth at netminder in the system.  


It's currently the 3 M ranch down in Charlotte (Muse, Murphy and Madore) with Muse returning from his call up and Murphy on a Pro Tryout and they will certainly have some tough decisions to make at goal.  


This is how, personally, I would shake things out for the 2013-2014 season.  


Ellis is a UFA next season, I'd like to see him re-sign since I like a veteran backup but who knows. 

Ellis has a 4-6-1 record with 3.01 GAA at the NHL level and an 8-7-2 record with 2.46 GAA starting the season at the AHL level.  Not awesome, but "solid".  


Rob Madore has played lights out for the Checkers and he is the wild card that mixes things up.  He has posted a 3-1 record (5 games played) with 1 shutout and 1.50GAA in this current cup of coffee with the Checkers.  I dont know what kind of contract he is one (AHL/ECHL?) but he has probably earned himself some AHL playing time. 


Peters was the workhorse to start the season going 22-12-1 with 6 shutouts and a 2.29GAA at the AHL level (some of these games when he became the starter after Ellis moved up to the Canes at season start) He's put up a 3-6-0 record with one shut out and a 2.93 GAA with the Canes.  


John Muse is 6-6-0 with the Checkers and a 3.48 GAA after starting the season with the Everblades. 


Murphy of course is another wildcard.  Currently with the team on a Pro tryout (but not stats, so has not yet played) he hasn't played in a long while since getting cut from his KHL team.  If i read the article correctly when he came back, he is no longer under contract with the Canes, but the Canes retain his rights, so he's not a free agent.  They don't have his 2011-2012 stats on Wikipedia and EliteProspects only lists games played (37) GAA 2.74 and SV% .908.  


I love Mike Murphy, he's a fan favorite, but he's sat out a year and burned his contract. I would let him go. If we have the rights to him that are tradeable (even if only for the rights to another player or a low draft pick like the 7th rounders we've been batting around.  Murphy himself is a former 6th rounder).  


I would re-sign Ellis and go with the Ward/Ellis combo again for the big club and see how that can work with a veteran goalie backup for Ward.  Leave Peters in Charlotte, as he seems to be improving with more playing time, but still needs some time to make the leap, and then start out with a Peters/Madore tandem in Charlotte (With Muse in Florida) and then you can call up Muse if you need to.  I think Muse is good but he just hasn't played that much.  15 games with the Checkers last year, 13 this year.  Maybe the Madore play is a roll of the Dice, but I think he's earned it.  


If Ellis doesn't resign, and Murphy doesn't sign, then it's a pretty cut and dry Ward/Peters tandem for the Canes and Muse/Madore tandem for the Checkers.  Since both Muse and Madore started this year in the Everblades then that opens up a slot for a college/junior goalie prospect we might have in the system to make his pro start at the ECHL level.  

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I can't see Ellis being here next year with Peters under contract for another year. I think it's Cam/Peters and Madore Murphy next year in Charlotte.

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Well, forget Murphy!  He has Signed with the Dornbirner EC of the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (Austria).


Reported on:  6/16/14

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