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Who should stay and who should go for next year

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I had this posted in the Off -Season News, Updates and Talk thread but this seems like a better place.


The lineup I would be happy with next year. (This or something similar)


   Tlusty - Staal - Semin

   Sharp - Staal - Ruutu

  Dupuis - Nash - Dwyer

Wallace - Talbot - Westgarth


     Pitkanen - Ericsson

      Gleason - Faulk

      Harrison - Tanev





I admit that I am no NHL GM however these players would vastly improve our team.

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...not sure that is going to fit under the cap...



Salary Info for each player (The cap should not be a problem)


Skinner    - 5.725000  Sharp     - 5.900000

Corvo       - 2.000000  Ericsson - 3.250000                            

McBain     - 1.800000  Talbot     - 1.750000                                     

Larose     - 1.700000   Dupuis   - 1.500000                               

Bergeron  - 1.000000  Tanev     - 0.900000

Brent        - 0.750000  Raises    - 1.000000

Total       - 12.975000  Total      - 14.300000


I think the bigger problem would be getting Chicago to trade Sharp for say Skinner.

Another big problem would be getting Detroit to trade Ericsson and their first for say McBain and our first.

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Well her comes the cynical part of me. No facts, just a feeling..I think Joni needs one more surgery. He will wait until about a week away from training camp to decide to have that surgery. Joni starts skating late Nov or early Dec.


Well that came close.

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