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Canes did a good job this season.  They moved from picking fifth in the draft last year  to picking seventh  this year


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Eric Staal Nominated for King Clancy Trophy



So Eric gets the nod from his teammates for the 4th time. Just goes to show that whether or not you believe he should wear the 'C', his teammates think pretty highly of him for his leadership qualities.


How long has he been Captain and how many times has he been nominated?  He was nominated last year as well...the word formality comes to mind before I think sound leadership. Thats just me though. Oh and I dont need stats to make an observation about someone pouting I have eyes and so do all of us who have seen this happen.

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After yesterday's season finale, John Forslund spoke about Eric on the Aftermath. He said he was not 100% for the whole season due to the injury he sustained during the Summer at the World Championship from that knee-to-knee hit. He can see he didn't look right. He wasn't hard on the puck, was easily pushed off the puck and knocked down and his skating was horrific. How many times have we said that about him in year's past? I'm not saying that should have been an excuse. The injury was similar to what Cam sustained last season (MCL strain) and it took him more than just a couple months of rehab to come back from that and I still don't believe he was 100% from that injury and it cost him this season. In hindsight, if Eric was injured, he should have been put on IR to recover and not become a liability on the ice.g


Looking over this season, you can almost point to 6 games that cost the Canes a chance to make the playoffs. It is the games I put in the category on "These are the ones we SHOULD have won"

Dec 10: Hurricanes 4 Oilers 5 (OT)
Dec 12: Hurricanes 1 Flames 2 (OT)
Jan 13: Flames 2 Hurricanes 0
Feb 25: Hurricanes 2 Sabres 3
Mar 16: Oilers 2 Hurricanes 1
Mar 25: Islanders 5 Hurricanes 4


10 points they left on the table. IF they had won those games, they would have 93 points and 42 ROW, pushing Detoit to #9 and we'd be playing the Bruins in the 1st round. We were the better team then these 4 teams and should have beaten them. But that is why they play the games.


I think going into next season, if most if not all expected players are back, there should be no entitlements as far as who plays on what line and such. Ice time, from goalies to defensemen to forwards should be earned and not based on past successes. You win the job? Its yours. You prove yourself as being on the 1st line? Its yours. PP? Top defensive pairing? Goalie? Everything. I'd go as far as saying the same concerning the Captaincy and Alternates. It should be earned based on your play and your on and off the ice leadership, not because of the name on the back of the jersey!

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It should also be noted that E Staal leads the team in penalty minutes and has the sceond worst +/- on the team (Lindholm/Skinner lead this catagory). That doesn't show leadership to me.

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