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Joe Nieuwendyk out as GM in Dallas

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The guy was in waaaaaaay over his head, as evidenced by the following:

1. First move as GM was to fire Dave Tippet...a guy who lead them to the playoffs every year except his last season...he replaces him with...wait for it...Marc Crawford...who promptly leads them to the divisional cellar for two seasons before he gets the axe.  He replaces Crawford with a complete no-namer in Glen Gulutzen...who keeps Dallas in the cellar for another two seasons...his fate is TBD (hopefully fired).  Tippet?  He turns Phoenix around and leads them to the WCF last season. 

2. He pretty much strong-armed Mike Modano, the face of the franchise since 1988 (trivia question: who was his only NHL fight against?) into leaving the organization by publically announcing he won't re-up him BEFORE he told Mike.  Did the same with Marty Turco, Jere Lehtinen and Sergei Zubov, four players who were the soul of the team for over a decade.  Fans= NOT HAPPY!

3. Calls up our friend Ray Shero in Pittsburgh and trades his biggest scorer, James Neal, for what amounts to a bag of pucks and Alex Gologoski...two years later, how's that working out for Dallas?

4. Gets Michael Ryder, fresh off a Cup win in B-town, as a UFA.  Ryder leads the team in scoring by a MILE in 2011-2012.  Ryder picks up where he left off this past season and is leading the team in scoring in late February.  So what does Joe do?  He sends Ryder, another prospect and a 3rd rounder to Montreal for...wait for it...ERIK COLE, who promptly proves his worth by scoring a net total of 7 points to Ryder's 21 points in Montreal.  Smart move there.

5. Screws up royally by trading Mike Ribiero to the Craps for a bag of pucks named Cody Eakin during the last off-season.  Ribiero scores 47 points and is 2nd on the team behind Oven-chicken.  Eakin?  A whopping 22 points.

6. Kinda salvages the past off-season by trading the gnat named Steve Ott to Buffalo for Derick Roy...then he goes and gets Wizard from Phoenix and Jagr from Philly during the UFA period.  Even after the Ryder for Cole debacle, Dallas is actually in playoff contention.  But, with less than a week to go before the trade deadline, that wasn't good enough for Joe.  What does he do?  Let's see here, send Jagr to Boston for a 2nd rounder and two prospects that Peter Charielli has already tabbed as "won't ever see the light of day in the NHL"...and while we're at it, Vancouver needs a new 2nd line center, so let's send Derick Roy to them for a 2nd round pick and yet another bag of pucks!  Dallas's season goes south afterwards and they are now teeing off somewhere in Arlington.


Now the Stars ownership has finally caught onto Joe's ineptitude and gone and grabbed the guy from Detroit who's been Ken Holland's shadow for the past 15 years.  Here's hoping he can turn things around...cause that franchise had a great tradition going and an awesome fan base...starting with Brett Hull and the Sean Avery trade, it's gone nowhere but south!

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Yeah it's been tough to watch their demise the past few years. I liked watching them because Ray Whitney and Jaromir Jagr played AWESOME together, and watching Cole even though he's been crap is nice as well. And their GM is the reason they missed the playoffs, not the players. Glad he's lost his job, and I highly doubt he'll ever get another GM position. Well, if he does I'm very sorry for that team. If they go for a rebuild, let's get Whitney! And if Cole gets bought out I'll be the only Caniac asking for us to sign him :D

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