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Peter Karmanos fired from Compuware

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Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos Jr., who recently fired his son from his position with the hockey team, now has been fired as a consultant by Compuware, according to the Detroit News.

Karmanos, 70, is co-founder of Compuware, the Detroit-based software maker, and has retired as chief executive officer. According to the News, he had a six-year contract with the company as a consultant that was to pay him $600,000 a year.

The News reported that Karmanos was fired from his position "for cause." It reported that Karmanos made critical comments about the company's management in a Sept. 20 Goodfellows Tribute Breakfast, saying management needed to "get their head out of their (butt)."

Jason Karmanos served as the Hurricanes' executive vice president and assistant general manager until he was abruptly fired by his father on Sept. 8. Both father and son said it was a "family matter," and Jason Karmanos said the dismissal had nothing to do with his job performance with the team.

In an interview Monday, Karmanos was asked about the situation involving Compuware.

"I'm finally gone," he said, laughing. "It's been 40 years. It's fine. I don't agree with everything going on there. But I don't work there anymore."

Karmanos said the Compuware decision would in no way have an effect on his 75-percent ownership of the Hurricanes.

"The team is not for sale," he said.

First he fired his son, now he becomes the fired. Sounds like it doesn't effect the team that much, other then him having more free time on his hands.


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Let's pitch it to the E! Network!  "Keepin' Up with the Karmanos(es)" (boy that's a hard plural to even try to figure out how to spell!)  


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