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pick 5 players you could add to the canes roster

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if you could add 5 players to the canes roster  who would they be and why ?  


these players can be active player that are either in the nhl or are going to be in the nhl in a few years , the list of players that can be add includes the ahl , chl , sel , khl , college , 


i will get things started 


my first pick  to the carolina hurricanes  is , from the tampa bay lightning  from last years draft jonathan drouin , he is a left wing player who shoots left , high skill high hockey iq , and will be a serious threat in years to come with high potential  in scoring . 


my second pick to the carolina hurricanes is  , from this years draft william nylander , high overall skill high potential to be a major goal scorer , high iq  and can play the right wing . 


my third pick to the carolina hurricanes is ,erik karlsson  from the ottawa senators ,  


my forth pick to the carolina hurricanes is , victor hedman  from the tampa bay lightning , 


my fifth pick to the carolina hurricanes is ,  conner mcdavid from the 2015 draft , elite level skill in playmaking and scoring and elite level hockey iq .   great player to learn under staal   and be developed into an amazing over all captain one day . 

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no this is a entirely different topic , im asking fans who they would to see  may it be already in the nhl or possible players who are going to be but not yet .  the topic you put up was about off season needs  for this current season .  this topic is about just general wants  kinda like a dream team if you will. 

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