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Call them sweaters, call them Jerseys if this happens I'll call them billboards

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Adidas lands NHL jersey deal

TSN- Adidas has won a long-term deal to make uniforms for the 30 NHL teams, beginning in the 2017-18 season.


Moving to a new jersey supplier may be a natural transition for the NHL to begin introducing on-jersey advertising, several league sources told TSN.



More speculation than hard fact but ads on jerseys keep being brought up. Yuk!!!!

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I've been following this closely as well and it has me concerned.

Imagine iconic jerseys like the Canadiens, Maple Leafs, or Red Wings with a big McDonald's, Cheverolet, or Walmart logo on them much less the Hurricanes.

Look at the uniforms in many of the European leagues, they look ridiculous and you can barely make out the name and number amidst the clutter.

Some NHL teams already have ads on their practice jerseys (the Kings have an aforementioned McDonald's patch) and there is talk that the upcoming World Cup may feature ads on jerseys.

The Adidas (which owns Reebok who currently makes NHL jerseys) deal kicks in in two years.

One Adidas executive/spokesperson said we want to make Adidas "cool" again. This also has me worried.

I think the amount of ads on the boards, playing surface/ice, around the arena, the ones being transposed behind the net during broadcasts, etc. are enough.

Putting ads on jerseys would generate more revenue, but strictly for the owners and the players. If anyone thinks the added finances would benefit the average fan they are fooling themselves. And this at the cost of tradition.

Personally I would never buy a jersey with ads on them.

...and please, nobody say that current jerseys already contain ads. A small brand patch is much different than what may potentially happen, and while each NHL team is a franchise/business entity we are again talking about something completely different that spits in the face of tradition, disrespects the fans who are against it (almost unanimously when you see initial polls), and stinks of 100% greed.

Hopefully it never happens, but in a world ruled by the almighty dollar and the endless greed of the already wealthy, I'm afraid it may be inevitable.

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You guys should see the jerseys they wear in the Deutsch Eishockey Liga over here...talk about skating billboards!

I follow it.  As long as they don't go with the sponsored face off circles....

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