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Charlotte Checkers 2016/17 talk

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And Wallmark won best forward and rookie of the year. From the blurb on his rookie of the year:


The Swede showed a knack for goal-scoring that hasn’t been seen in Charlotte in a long time – his 24 goals, aside from being the most by a rookie in franchise history, are the seventh highest single-season total overall and the most since 2013-14. It took Wallmark a few months to completely find his footing in North America, but once it clicked he became a force. And on top of that, he did it while thriving at one of the game’s hardest positions, becoming the team’s top center.


(remkin adds: AND he was over a ppg in the playoffs too)


This combined with Peter's gushing over him and his high hockey IQ, still make me think he has a shot at that #4 center slot. I guess if he's seen as a top 9 prospect maybe they rather have him keep developing in Charlotte, but I'm betting a buck he makes the big club next year. If he does, it would be another late round success.


But I really have thoughts of better scoring from our 4th line this year. Could be PDG - Walmark - McGinn. Which could provide enough scoring that the 4th line would still allow offensive development. (yes, Ryan could end up being the guy, but this post is about Wallmark being the guy).


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