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Time Warner Cable vs DirecTV

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I'm about ready to switch from Time Warner Cable to DirecTV. I've found the Time Warner customer service reps to be useless as they don't even know any details about their offerings. The apparently don't offer any Center Ice games in HD, and they don't have the NFL Network (So I can't watch the Green Bay/Dallas game on Thursday).

Does anyone else have any thoughts about Time Warner vs DirecTV?

We've had DTV for 7 years or so. Never had TWC. From an NFL perspective, you have no other choice but DTV, they are the only one with NFL Sunday Ticket. Gotta watch my Browns. I didn't know that TWC did not offer NFL Network though. Pretty Cheesy. For the NHL, we are getting a lot more HD games lately but the only Canes games in HD are when it is on Versus or the other teams feed. Still there are usually a couple HD games every night.

Their HD receivers and DVR's have some problems. Some people get lucky, some don't. We're on our 3rd or 4th standard def DVR and this one seems to be Ok. I'm thinking about getting the high def DVR soon. I will probably regret it. Keep in mind there is no Tivo option anymore, you get DTV's version, which people who used Tivo hate.

Their Customer no-service is about the same as anyone....useless....clueless. We have no choice where we live but to get Satellite. For me, I'd keep DTV over TWC just for the football coverage.

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