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3 hours ago, legend-1 said:

Kinda glad to hear the differing opinions on Chuck, I can't stand his over-emphasis on even the most mundane plays. As a listener trying to paint a picture I find it impossible to know what's going on when a line change is apparently as amazing as a goal. 

I've posted this before, but for anybody who grew up listening to Gene Hart call hockey games and making you feel like you were not just in the arena but practically on the bench, nobody else is gonna measure up.


Chuck too often stops calling the action to wax nostalgic about the red line and how there should still be whistles when the puck is frozen. I thought it was really interesting a couple of weeks ago when Forslund pointedly said he's a big fan of the scrum. Maybe it was sarcasm. I didn't feel like it was at the time, but if so, I get that media types want the game to keep moving for the sake of their audience. But they should like it. It adds an element of endurance to the game that is really hard to comprehend, but suffice to say that anyone who thinks grinding like that--essentially becoming a soccer player, pursuing an object one-fifth the size, and flat, ON ICE, ON SKATES, WHILE BEING BUFFETED BY OTHER GUYS USING ALL THEIR STRENGTH TO PUSH YOU OFF IT...





(...oops. Sorry.)--isn't a workout, forget it. I'm amazed guys can get back to the bench sometimes. And that FL game was a crazily grinding affair.  


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