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Christmas Wishes

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We've got our new owner. If you're like me, you want Daddy Warbucks (look it up, millennials) to give us the Big Christmas Surprise PK never could.  


But what? 


Image Santa in a Canes sweater. You've just settled on his knee. Santa isn't interested in your trade proposals, preferred firings, demotions to the AHL, or other subtractions of any kind. Or rants. Just which TWO of the players listed here you would add to this roster right now, and assuming that Mr. Dundon's injection of re$ource$ will allow the org to immediately re-up them upon acquisition. 


Don't overlook those listed at the very bottom of the article. Which two would you choose?

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3 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

You get another pick, sleek. RNH is not a pending FA. (See the list at the link provided in the OP.)

Sorry yea I just looked at the title and just breezed to comment. I'll stick w JVR and add JT. No brainer

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