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Taking Care of Season Ticket Holders

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Just looked at my Season Ticket Renewal Email.  

All we have been hearing was Season ticket holders would be taken care of.. etc.. blah blah 

I can now tell you that is not the case.   

Higher prices.. same old BS.   

What a joke.

All that "loving the dedicated fans" etc.. was just your typical corp speak to keep people from getting upset I guess. 

Seems like a smart person would just buy some tix to a few good games and spend whole lot less money .. there is literally no advantage to being Season Tix "Member"

Instead of STM stickers they should hand out "Dumb_%%% Fan"  stickers.. that is sure how I feel right now.

Definitely do not feel valued.

Maybe I'll calm down later but wow,, I had expectations for some real change and instead..its all too familiar.


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For all who insisted that we be patient because Dundon was going to reward the faithful come renewal time, I’m glad I was a realist. I expected nothing would change other than more fans now being upset because they didn’t see new rewards associated with ticket plans other than a cheap tchotchke.


Hope you all enjoy your new hat...

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