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At least we arent Senators and the Islanders

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We havent been the model of success over the last decade but at least our situation is looking up.  Senators and the Islanders on the other hand...



Misplayed the entire offseason so far.  

Didnt give up the #4OA for this draft. 

Stone has filed for arbitration. If he makes it there, he could be a UFA next offseason

Karlsson turned down a hefty extension

The center you bet the farm on last off-season will be a UFA next season

You cant tank by selling off those three players and shoot for the 1st OA (hughes). Selling those three names and a Hughes pick for next year would seriously accelerate their rebuild.

If I was a betting man they could have gotten 1-3 first rounders out of Duchene, Karlsson, and Stone to replace their #4 OA pick.


Do they hold on to all three of those guys until the TD to maximize their standings potential while getting a good haul?  Or do they trade them now to try to save money because they should be competing for last in attendance? 


They have a cheap owner (hey at least we are out of that bubble now) and could be a candidate to move once the fans get real sour.



Misplayed the entire JT situation and got BURNED!

No franchise player and no franchise level haul in a trade either.  

You hire Lou who doesnt do rebuilds so, you'll be stuck in mediocrity for a long time.  They may have a flash in the pan type season but Lou will burn all the assets trying to make the team better.

Their signings werent Vancouver bad but still pretty bad.


They should be competing for last place this year.

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