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GDT 11/27/18 Canes vs Les Habitants @ 730pm

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16 minutes ago, Whaler1 said:


And not to forget a few fortunate bounces for us and a bunch of unfortunate ones against the Habs. But such is hockey and I take the W any day.


What's starting to worry me though is seeing how slow and confused the team has looked the past few games, passing and controlling pucks seems way off, how much we struggle trying to transition through the neutral zone or develop any type of coherent plays in the O zone, fewer decent scoring chances, Aho is fizzling out, TT being more noticeable for shots he doesn't take, JWill's showing his age and on and on.


I guess we were lucky beginning of the season when Darling was hurt. I'd hate to think where we would be in the standings right now if the committee didn't see a need to claim McE off waivers.     


I sorta agree, but I chalk it up to there being a lot of video available on what we are doing which in turn allows a solid defense game plan to be developed.  Early season everyone was taken by surprise. 


I saw Montreal very aware of where we would pass it to moving up the ice, and also we had to do something very different in avoiding dumping to Price, which in turn affected how we get to the fore check.  I think we were a bit out of our normal offensive flow for that reason, and really didn't handle it well.


I also thought Montreal should have been called for interference about 8 times.  I saw them set picks all game, was surprised they never got called.  Haven't seen it that blatant in a long time, I was screaming at the screen.

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4 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

Really? You do realize the game was in Montreal...




I know, but I actually don't believe in ref conspiracy theories, but I did consider it to be honest.

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Late to this party but agree with the overwhelming sentiment expressed here. This is why teams with good goalies make the playoffs. Hockey Gods seemed have predetermined that we were going to win this one no matter which team played batter. All thanks to them on that.


I agree with Whaler though, as far as trying to project forward this one is part of a series of poor team games, especially in producing offensive chances or even better goals. The thing I'm hoping though is that the team, with new found confidence in their goalie start to play a better brand of offensive hockey. Watching Montreal passing the puck, they are clearly trying to turn it back extremely fast. It doesn't always work, but when it does it more often generates a chance.


I'm not sure about playing too fast, but lately I agree we look slow, so I have to think we need to up it a solid notch harder and faster.


Bean looked pretty good, definitely confident.


Very much needed points, very much needed goaltending, now need the offense to turn it up.

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