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GDT: Canes vs...oh no, not THESE guys again...the aisles

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44 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

As of morning, 6 points ties the Canes with CBJ or MTL.  Canes will lose against CBJ due to ROW.  Canes and MTL are about equal in every respect: ROW, head-to-head.  So, assume MTL will win that.   That pretty much says 7 pts, still.


Look, the Canes need to put a few of these together and then play .600 in between winning runs. Remember the run in November was followed by a horrible, horrible. December.  That cannot happen again or they will be out.


ROWs matter a lot too.  Heck, RWs (no OT) wins matter when you play conference, a lot.  Last night is a great example.  Denying the point to the Isle was huge. 


Now that percentages are back to possible (but still very low), TD, DW and The Committee have to either put up, fold up, or shut up.

All of this, x 10.


The bolded matter is a reality check. A trade for top-six talent would go a long way in giving this team a real shot at the postseason, and more important, at developing the kind of cohesion that allows a team to come out EXPECTING to win next year.

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14 hours ago, top-shelf-1 said:

I wonder if they'll remember to cut Dundon out of the shot, since he'll be making Don's lips move, with his hand up his... oh, never mind.

Your quote just BEGS for a great photo....and if I only knew how to photoshop :letssee:

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Just read all the posts as I couldn’t follow the game day thread last night. Two observations. Surfzone365 deserves props because he is ALWAYS positive. And the post of the night related to Aho and his gas. Great win. Now follow up with a miracle in Tampa where they have something like 17 wins in 18 games. Time we put a stop to that.


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