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Our annual western Canadian road nightmare (game 2)...Canes @ Flames...22 Jan 2019

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33 minutes ago, hag65 said:


He didn't feel well, you could tell from the between period interview, he was very subdued, and of course it was interpreted as he doesn't want to be with us by our all knowing forum guests.  Could be that, or it could be the tweety birds flying around his head all the time.  Only he knows.

hag, that's the exact point I made a ways back, namely trying to suggest someone means such and such (in this case that this player did not want to be in Raleigh) by their mannerisms in interviews, WHEN WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THAT PLAYER, is senseless. Not only that, but hearing all this speculation possibly with ulterior motives to plant doubts in naive minds related to being "far apart" in negotiations without any credible facts, just plays into the angst about Ferland. While its possible Ferland's heart is somewhere else, and we do miss out on signing him, I'd prefer to believe he is being sincere in stating that he does "like it here".

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33 minutes ago, sleekfeeder said:

I actually thought Wal-Mart one of our most noticeable players last night. Very dangerous. Well done brother.  

I noticed that too Sleek. I would love to see some sort of chart or study on guys needing on average X number of NHL games before starting to really get the game at this level and to start to feel the confidence to make plays. He will be one to watch over the remainder. 


Another is Foegele. He just seems be making or closer to making more plays.

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