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GDT: Carolina Hurricanes Vs Buffalo Sabres, February 7, 2019 - 7:00 PM EDT

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1 hour ago, AssistantGM said:

Typical Skinner game; pots 2, but is on the ice for 3 even strength goals by the opposition. His weakness in the defensive zone was no more evident than his poor positioning and lazy play on the Faulk goal. JF was his man, and he was a spectator like the rest of us. I think it was Scotty Bowman that once said; "Great offense is a gift; great defense is commitment". Skinner could be the poster boy for that line of thinking.


Skin's first goal where he out-muscled Faulk was admittedly nice.  HOWEVER, one reason he got it was he was cheating way back out of the zone.  He has been allowed to do this with the Slugs.  I don't think BP let him do that.


So, to your point, YEP!

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2 hours ago, remkin said:

Yeah, that is sign of desperation that is not good. It seems to me that goalie is the ultimate position that you can't just yell at them to get them to play better, and mostly it will just make them more tentative and lacking confidence. Even if it's true, seems like nothing good comes out of throwing the goalies under the bus. So, keep at it Slugs.

A thought I had on this was maybe we could swoop in and pick him up should we give up on one of our two? i thought Ullmark played pretty well actually?

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