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Buffalo @ Carolina 3/16 7PM

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12 minutes ago, surfzone365 said:

Laziness itself was a factor that hampered us previous years... among many other things.

Lack of physicality...concussions...


Like I said when he was traded: I wasn’t sorry to see him go....just wish we could’ve gotten more in return...but now I’m ok with the trade.

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How many times during the season when Skinner was lighting it up would we have seen posts " Sign Skinner now"? Followed by the anguish of the drop in production. This team, ups and downs, has really come to be a force that has surprised plenty. I doubt that we would be achieving as much as we have if we were dealing with the Skinner circus. There is a long list of players whose former teams are better without them.

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4 hours ago, surfzone365 said:

I think a taste of the playoffs will do wonders for the team and the rest will take care of itself.  I would love for us to go in like a 2017 Nashville or 2012 LA and wreak hell on the upper teams.


I like your thinking Surfzone, both teams you mentioned went to the SCF.  Nashville lost to Pittsburgh in 6 (I was rooting for Nashville) and LA beat NJ in 6 I believe.  You can't forget Vegas too; going to the finals in their first season of existence.  That's unbelievable.

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