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Hustle Vs Skill

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This topic is mainly to discuss  a glaring issue  that has plagued the canes for a very long time that Needs to be addressed .  

When you see the canes play  against  teams that tend to have a record over 500.   with a playoff position   it is becoming ever so clear 

that one of the biggest concerns  is  if  the canes can not match up in skill  versus their opponents  skill level .


Now granted there are many different roles that  a team will issue down to  it's  players to fill in  holes that are missing from the lineup . 

The mention of whether or not the Canes  have the skill to make   high caliber plays  remains to be  a key issue with the team going forward . 

At best I would safely say that the most skilled players on the team  are Aho , Teravinen , Svechnikov , Williams and Niederreiter .

That leaves the rest of the players  lacking in  skill to make vital offensive  plays that are crucial in scoring goals . 


The team is built with  a majority of defensive minded players .   Another note worth mentioning is the lack of right handed  players  for right wing  and center Positions  .

On the Defense there is to many Right handed players and not enough Left handed players for their natural position . 

This could cause  an off balance to the Teams Chemistry when trying to make plays that seek  a  means for a pass or shot  needed but instead shoe horns in an attempt for a play instead . 


In Short   I would  like to address that  The Hurricanes are one of the few teams  that can out hustle  another team when push comes to shove !

;   And with that It is  a very important  role needed in order to create separation on another teams endurance when wearing another team out . 

But the lack in offensive skill is  prime  real-estate  among most of the Canes  and  with that said , it matters not  if players are out hustling  if lacking in skill to  Finish   off a plays  just ends in turn overs or not scoring . 



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