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My "Perfect Scenario", next three games

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Let me try this again.....

I should have taken the opportunity to introduce myself with my first input rather than interjecting my rekindled love of hockey to many seasoned Hurricanes fans. My apologies.

My wife (of over 50 years) and I are retirees living at our rural coastal NC home. We are both IA farm kids who moved to Carolina originally in 1971 when I chose the Marine Corps (Aviation Electronics) as a career. I enjoyed listening to hockey matches on the radio as a kid and watching on the old tv when I could catch them, but farm life kept me pretty busy, and I also liked following Killebrew, Banks, Ford, Mantle and Marris, and all my other baseball heros of that era.

My first duty change following the Viet Nam era was a four year tour as a recruiter in Minnesota where my first really strong interest in the sport of hockey began. My interaction with high schoolers and other young men and women made me aware of the popularity of the sport and from that association sparked my first genuine appreciation of what hockey really is. I did, however enjoy watching the Vikings and the Twins games as well.

Upon reassignment, I once again returned to NC, far away from hockey, and updating my job skills, numerous overseas deployments and supervising and leading my Marines (not to mention my wife and children), left little time to do much else.

After 20+ years as a "Jarhead", I spent the next 12 or so years as a government contractor and then decided to become a law enforcement officer, serving both my local city, but also the government as a civilian officer with the Marine Military Police, giving me the pleasure of once again serving with Marines, albeit the age of my grandchildren :-).

When I finally REALLY retired, I had more time on my hands and started watching a few games on tv which renewed my interest in hockey. Then one Sunday my wife and I went to PNC arena in Raleigh and watched the Hurricanes defeat the Predators 6-3..... and now I'm hooked! I listen to every Canes game, since most are blocked on tv 😡, and keep the tv on the NHL network most nights.

We will be attending the Canes/Wild game this weekend bringing two other couples whom I hope to develop into Caniacks.


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Introduction vice Opinion
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