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2019 Draft

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3 hours ago, rocheccw said:

Source: Sporting news:

Carolina Hurricanes

Much like the Flames, the Canes are coming off a successful season in which their homegrown youth played a prominent role in the team's march to the playoffs. Carolina is oozing high-end skill throughout the organization, and they came to Vancouver armed with multiple high-round picks. Drafting center Ryan Suzuki with the 28th pick was a steal, but the subsequent selections of speedster Jamieson Rees (44th) and Patrik Puistola (73rd) were just the beginning of a string of home-run swings on excitable prospects. They got first-round quality in Finnish power-play quarterback Anttoni Honka (83rd), while NTDP defender Domenick Fensore (90th) put up nearly as many points in the second half as heralded teammate Cam York. The hits continued into the later rounds, as the Canes snatched up a fair number of high-upside prospects in the fourth round in mammoth defenseman Cade Webber (99th) and excitable playmaker Tuukka Tieksola (121st). Double-overage winger Kirill Slepts (152nd), who was ranked fourth in my overage rankings, clearly is one of the most NHL-ready prospects out of any draft holdovers.

Carolina also took several upper cuts in rounds six and seven, beginning with goal-scorer Kevin Wall (181st) and ending with two centers - hard-shooting Blake Murray (183rd) and slick stickhandler Massimo Rizzo (216). Yes, the Canes had a dozen picks, so the law of averages is on their side. But the attention paid towards puck skills, speed and point-producing potential keeps their already-impressive prospect pool among the best in the league. Grade: A

Dang, I hadn't really gotten to chew on those picks below Puistola, but it sure looks like we put our money down on a whole lot of high upside guys. Only time will tell, but it sure seems like we really are getting pretty good at this drafting thing. 

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