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Calder Cup Finals 2019

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3 hours ago, LakeLivin said:


I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Willy call it a career. From a leadership perspective I think it will be extremely tough for him to match, let alone surpass what he did last season (success of storm surges, EC finals). Given that, it might depend on how much pressure he puts on himself.  If it's a lot (which wouldn't surprise me) I could see him calling it a day at this point in his career.  But I'm sure that Brindy will be heavily campaigning for him to come back, so who knows?

On J. Williams, I think you've nailed the considerations. He would be about as close to going out on top as smart money would bet he can do. He's got to have all the money he needs. And he mentioned as did Brind'Amour just how mentally and physically demanding this game is. The most telling thing that he might not was how spent he looked at the end of the ECF. But that's a low point, as the off-season rolls on, his energy might just pick up.


ON THE OTHER HAND....he put up 23 goals and 53 points last year. Not only no drop off, but his best statistical year of the last 7 years for him. Also, I think he kind of likes being Captain of this team and he is tight with Brind'Amour who also thinks all good things of Williams. Also, while the team might have a tough time returning to the ECF, Williams could hugely move up the All Time NHL points list. He is currently #175. If he put up 50 points this year, he'd move up to #141, and two seasons of 90 total between them, up to #124. I don't know if he cares about that, but he might. 


Justin Williams numbers of last year were very good second line numbers. His points were tied for #83 forward with such names as Jamie Benn, Brock Nelson, Nino Neiderreiter, and Jonathan Drouin. He could drop way off next year, but he sure didn't last year. 


Then there's the cash. I'm sure he's set for life, but would we not offer him another year for at least what he made last year, if not a bit more? $4 million is nothing to sneeze at, even if you are set. 


Ultimately though I place my bet in his return for two main reasons. 1. It is very hard for successful professional athletes to quite the limelight and the game if they still can play at a good level. 2. I think he really enjoys his role on this team and working with Brind'Amour. 


It's a bet though. Definitely have lost bets before.

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3 hours ago, LakeLivin said:

McKegg played half as many games as Wallmark, but actually scored goals at a slightly higher rate (Wallmark was much better with assists).  Given how different their games are, if it came down to the two for, say, a 4th line C spot, it wouldn't shock me if McKegg got a "horses for courses" nod, especially if Wallmark could return anything of value in a trade, even if it's realistically going to be limited.


I think McKegg earned the title of NHL 4th liner. I would not be upset if he stayed. He was solid. He is a UFA, which is a potential issue, while Wallmark is under contract at a team very friendly $675K. McKegg might get a deal elsewhere if not here too.


My nod to Walmark is also that he's doing it at a significantly younger age than McKegg, he is also a better playmaker, and as such can slide up to 3C if needed (assuming we don't already need it). 

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