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GDT Oct 6 Bolts @ Canes 5PM

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1 minute ago, gocanes0506 said:

5 points so far!


3 against quality teams (WSH and now TB).  But enough of the OT please.  I hope the OT games end vs Florida.  Cardiac Canes is definitely alive and well this season thus far.

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Beat MTL, WSH, and TB to start a season.  THAT is not bad at all.  This team is really gelling.  Don't like the OT but it's nice that they keep coming back.  Three of the 4 goals by the defense this game.

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46 minutes ago, MisterDobz said:

As a non-Carolinian, who watches the games on the nhl ap, which blanks out commercials, I have no idea what this Marley thing is about!?  I saw some thing about Marley drugs, so I googled it but all I came up with was this....




You aren't missing a thing as far as i'm concerned, this year or last.


Excellent win!  Wowsers...

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