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This Video is Soley for IceFrog

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That video was only worth it because of the Office Space clip.

And pessimism lets you live longer. Think about it this way:

1. An optimist always hopes for the best. Living in the world that you all do, you're well aware that for the most part, the best rarely happens. That constant barrage of disappointment after disappointment must take a toll on a person's body.

2. An pessimist always expects the worst. Thus, when the worst happens, they're well prepared for it. When the worst doesn't happen, they're pleasantly surprised. And even if the best happens, they're still pleasantly surprised.

Now, who will live longer: Someone who's facing disappointment after disappointment, or someone who's facing pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise?

Optimism sets yourself up to too high of a standard. It completely negates the pessimist point of view. However, the pessimist point of view allows the optimist point of view to exist. The best, however, is no better than the slightly better.

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Optimist see the brighter side of things, pessimist see the bad in all.

Case in point. Canes lose horribly all year -

Optimist - : We got the #1 draft pick!!!

Pessimist - Ward sucks, Staal is stalled, and what?!?! We traded for Erik Cole?!? What the #$&@#~@

You win the lotto

Opti's - Man, I can buy this and that and help this person, and buy this person finally....

Opti's win out. Disappointment? Bah-humbug the stuff ;)

Pessi - Oh great, now they're going to tax the #$% out of me, there goes HALF of my money, plus the relatives are going to come knocking on my door, calling my cell, and then who knows who is going to say they're "related" to me some how some way...

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