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What athletes/teams/sports do you like?

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Hockey: Carolina Hurricanes and Philadelphia Flyers

Football: Carolina Panthers and teams with former NC State players

Basketball: NC State (dont watch NBA)

Baseball: NC State and Atlanta Braves


Eric Staal, Ron Francis, Sami Kapanen (and nearly all former and current Canes)

Philip Rivers (Chargers), Jerricho Cotchery (Jets), Steve Smith (He Hate Me), Julius Peppers

I havent watched baseball in a long time, but I remember watching Chipper Jones hit multiple home runs against the (then) expansion Arizona Diamondbacks in the first year of the new Turner stadium. That was a fun game.. Atlanta won like 13-2... My only game I've been too in person and it was a good one.

I forgot about the Pittsburgh Steelers, who I pulled for because Coach Cowher was an NC State Alum and was nice to see him win a couple Super Bowls. He's no longer the coach but I still prefer the Steelers over the Eagles, even though hanging out with my wife's family they are all Philly fans (Flyers and Eagles).

I've started watching Nascar again, but I don't really have a favorite driver. I like Dale Jr, and I used to be huge fans of Richard Petty and Dale Sr back in the day.. a lot has changed since then. I root for the drivers on my Fantasy team, which changes weekly. I still don't like Jeff Gordan, but Tony Stewart is not as annoying as he used to be.. Racing for himself and not a huge team has humbled him quite a bit, and he's still successful. You gotta root for the small owner/driver teams instead of the giant 5 car mega billionaire teams.

Some new favorite players from this last season - Jussi Jokinen, Tuomo Rutuu.

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I've kinda gotten into WEC and UFC mixed martial arts fighting. It was the Brown vs Faber fight that got me interested... it was the first MMA fight I have ever seen. Then, Brown vs Faber II came around and I was all into that. Needless to say I am a Brown fan (I guess, I don't really know much about him - but he was interviewed at a Canes game in the series against Pittsburgh, in Raleigh before he successfully defended his title). The dude is tough as nails and not flashy at all. That is what I like in athletes, I really dispise the selfcentered attitude a lot of successful athletes gain. It is so disappointing.


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NHL - Canes (of course), IceCaps (RIP), I kinda like the Sharks but I don't know why (I think it's because they're always good but choke in the playoffs... or maybe I just like their sweaters LOL)

NFL - Panthers.... Steelers (big fan from the 70's)

MLB - Braves.... Reds (big fan from the 70's)

NBA - Celtics (I don't follow the NBA much at all; I like college BB during the tournaments)

NCAA - NC State Wolfpack ATW

NASCAR - Richard Petty (retired), Alan Kulwicki (RIP), Mark Martin

PBA - Walter Ray Williams.... Mark Roth (retired)

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NHL- Other than the 'Canes, I also like the Dallas Stars. Canes come first though.

NBA- Go Mavs Go, we will win a championship soon, I can feel it. Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, and now Shawn Marion will lead the way.

NCAA- Go 'Pack Go, been an NCSU fan for a long time, I support all the teams, hope we can win a Football title soon, heck any title would be ok with me. Also like some smaller programs, like UNC-Charlotte.

NFL- Teams with State players on them are good with me, used to be a Panthers fan, now though they're just ok, not much for me to get excited about with them. I kinda like the Cowboys too :unsure: (ducking for cover). To be honest though, the NFL has become too overhyped and thus, I've lost interest over the years.

MLB- Don't really follow, but go Cubs, and Rangers.

MLS- FC Dallas, but don't really follow either.

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Are you serious Frog,,how about all those solo dances after a sack,touchdown,interception, or those 5 minute rehearsed hand shakes, it happenes every game.(even my favorite team does it . and i don't like when they do)

Whats even more aggravating is when some team is losing by alot and a guy makes a play or scores on the 2nd or 3rd string and brings attention to himself..No way should that happen,,Yes its a sport but its also their jobs.

So yes the off field problems are a big part of it, but if it were us normal people doing what they do,,we would not still have our jobs!!!Plus all the off field stuff get brought to the field & the team on every sports,or gossip tv & radio show.

Somehow I missed out on this discussion in January. I must have been preoccupied with hockey.

I used to love to see Barry Sanders score a touchdown and then just walk over to the ref and hand him the ball. He wasn't surprised that he had scored and I think it rubbed it in the face of the defense even more because he DIDN'T do the dance routine that everyone else did. "No big deal. I'll be back here soon".

If a 340 lb lineman intercepts a ball and runs it back 50 yds. for a TD, he should do a dance because he may never get the opportunity again. Of course, he'll be too tired from the run.

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Hockey: Carolina Hurricanes - My Whalers followed me down South

Baseball: Boston Red Sox - Mom was a Yankees fan, Dad was a Red Sox fan

NFL: Carolina Panthers - Never was a big Pats fan growing up, so switching allegiances was easy

NBA: Boston Celtics - Larry Bird era fan and current bandwagoneer

NCAA Basketball: Uconn, NC State in the ACC

NCAA Football: Ohio State, Uconn (bunch of OSU people got me into watching college football)

NASCAR: Kyle Busch - Only because all the Dale Jr. people hate him so much

Soccer: Liverpool (bunch of Liverpool fans got me into watching Premier League)

MMA: Anderson Silva, Dan Hardy

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From Cincinnati, lived in San Jose for a while, now in Raleigh...

Hockey: Carolina Hurricanes / San Jose Sharks

Baseball: Cincinnati Reds

NFL: Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals

NCAA: NC State, Univeristy of Cincinnati, Ohio State, San Jose State, South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs

Australian Football League (AFL): Hawthorn Hawks

US Footy: NC Tigers

Here's me playing Footy -- Go Tigers!


Oh, to be young again...

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