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SCC and Catherine's NHL Out of Town Scoreboard

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Eh eh, you should be cheering for the Leafs to lose, the Hurricanes are playing them this Friday! :P

I am watching the Habs game.. Sami had the nicest goal.. it's goals like that that I want him to score, and it's moves like that that are the reason we brought him to Montreal. It was fantastic. That guy can skate.

But right now, it is tied 2-2.

And I am missing both Kessel and Bob Gainey, dearly =[

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sabres win 3-2

crap....Miller should have got the shut out. :?

but its ok i guess...Ill take the win. Im sure he would too.

See, tonight is one of those nights that show me that Danny is worth 5mil. had 3 assists, and didnt flop around!! :wink:

but Milsy still shoulda got the shut out

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Haha. I didn't get to watch the Sabres game at all..

But I did watch the Habs/Bruins game!

:D Fantastic. Guy got another goal, making that 7 so far, Samsonov got two goals tonight. We played pretty darn well and it was a very intense game, just how I like it. Lapierre who just got called up from the Bulldogs to fill in some spots here got his first career point. Yay! I was sad to see Souray out.. hopefully he will play Thursday.

And Aebischer played decently! Which makes me proud =] yay. Another two points taken from Boston!

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So I'm doing the scores early =]

Bold = Southeast.

7:00PM EST

Anahiem Ducks: 2 FINAL :D

Atlanta Thrashers: 1

7:30PM EST

Philadelphia Flyers: 4 FINAL :D

Pittsburg Penguins: 8

9:00PM EST

St. Louis Blues: 1 :(

Colorado Avalanche: 4

Go Ducks, Penguins, and Blues!

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Sid took over the NHL scoring lead tonight against the Flyers. With 6 minutes to go in the game he has a career high 1 goal and 5 assists. Mario holds the Penguins record of 8 points in a game.

Edit: And Jordan scored his 4th shorty. Final is 8:4 Pens

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It's my day and I am a slacker..


New Jersey vs


Florida vs



Tampa Bay vs

Montreal Go Habs Go :D


Ottawa vs



Detroit vs


NYR vs



Minnesota vs


Columbus vs



Calgary vs



Los Angeles vs

San Jose


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^ My last post was a lie. Sheldon Souray is not out. He's actually playing, and playing very well for that matter. He set up a big short handed goal for Streit which was just awesome. Brad Richards scored another goal in the first. Steve Begin, on the other hand, is out with back troubles.

During the 2nd period Cristobal made some beautiful saves, especially before letting in TB's second goal of the night, and even while letting that goal in his save was beautiful.. he has been outstanding, especially after the Lightning get 4 power plays in a row.

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Yep. The fourth one is starting at the beginning of the 3rd.

Right as Ryder stepped out of the box, they called a penalty, and about 15 seconds after that one ended another one was called. And the Lightning scored on a delayed penalty to the Habs.. which is the one starting in the 3rd period.

Crazy stuff.

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Saku Koivu got the shortie, and then hit one into the empty net for a 4-2 win! Yaay! :D

One of Tampa Bays goals had to be reviewed, and then just about with 3 minutes left one of the players hit the puck into the net with is hand and it had to be reviewed.. it took forever, but it was waived off, clearly you can see that it was not a goal because he hit it in! And besides, it landed on the goal line..

But yeah, Habs win =] It was an awesome game, really.

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Oh great. Saturday is filled with games.. *braces self*

Bold = Southeast..

7:30PM EST

Carolina Hurricanes: 3 FINAL!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Tampa Bay Lightning: 2

1:00PM EST

Detroit Red Wings: 2 FINAL :D

New Jersey Devils: 1

4:00PM EST

Dallas Stars: 4 FINAL SO :(

Log Angeles Kings: 3

7:00PM EST

Florida Panthers: 6 FINAL :(

Boston Bruins: 3

7:00PM EST

Ottawa Senators: 3 FINAL :D

Buffalo Sabres: 1

7:00PM EST

New York Rangers: 2 FINAL :shock:

Toronto Maple Leafs: 9

7:00PM EST

Pittsburg Penguins: 2 FINAL :D

Montreal Canadiens: 6

7:00PM EST

Atlanta Thrashers: 0 FINAL :D

New York Islanders: 6

7:00PM EST

Philadelphia Flyers: 1 FINAL :evil: :evil: :evil:

Washington Capitals: 4

7:00PM EST

Chicago Blackhawks: 6 FINAL :D

Columbus Blue Jackets: 4

8:00PM EST

St Louis Blues: 2 FINAL SO :(

Nashville Predators: 3

9:00PM EST

Calgary Flames: 6 FINAL :D (For Cowtown Cane)

Pheonix Coyotes: 3

10:00PM EST

Minnesota Wild: 1 FINAL :D

Vancouver Canucks: 2

10:30PM EST

Anahiem Ducks: 3 FINAL :D

San Jose Sharks: 4

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