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SCC and Catherine's NHL Out of Town Scoreboard

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Well the Habs won 6-3.. but I do have to say-

Gerber made some awesome saves. The Habs just have too many great shooters, and Gerbs doesn't have a very good team in front of him.

I suppose touching a guys pants is now considered hooking.

The Sens Sportsnet announcer guys and they're stupid one-line insults to the Habs drove me up the wall the whole game. They're morons if I ever saw any.

Does anyone want Janne Niinnima? because I can't stand him anymore.

Mike Johnson is fabulous is in a Habs uniform, aswell as Guilliaume Latendresse who got two goals tonight, making that three goals so far this season for him.

Cristobal has wicked awesome hair.

Fantabulous game by the Habs, good effort by the Sens but.. well, the Habs are just better 8)

Just thought I'd let you guys know what I as thinking through out the game. :wink: Yay, Habs!

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And tonights scores... Bold = Our division

Carolina Hurricanes: 2 FINAL

New York Rangers: 1

Ottawa Senators: 4 FINAL (woo!!)

Buffalo Sabres: 2

Boston Bruins: 3 FINAL SO

Washington Capitals: 2

Nashville Predators: 5 FINAL

Columbus Blue Jackets: 4

Montreal Canadiens: 3 FINAL (Yay!!)

Tampa Bay Lightning: 1

New York Islanders: 3 FINAL

Dallas Stars: 0

San Jose Sharks: 4 FINAL

Colorado Avalanche: 3

Philidelphia Flyers: 7 FINAL

Anaheim Ducks: 4

And tonight I'll be rooting for the Hurricanes, the Senators, the Bruins, the Predators, the Canadiens, the Islanders, the Sharks, and the Flyers :D

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Go Canes, Sens, Preds, and Habs!

I like that.


3-1 Habs for another 2 points 8) Woooo! Sheldon Souray with two goals, making it his 8th multi-goal game in his career and 8th goal of the season.. he's now leading the NHL with most goals scored by a defensemen. Yay Sheldon! And Guilliaume Latendresse, the rookie, just scored his 4th NHL goal. Gotta love that kid. Awesome games by the Habs. I have to say, the penalties the Lightning took were pretty ridiculous though.. eesh... even if it did give my Habs the advantage the reffing was not great =

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Well done, Ottawa, and THANK YOU! :D

Yeah, I know man, it sucks. Now we have two whole losses in regulation! TWO! Can you believe it? 15-2-1! Worst record I've ever seen! :wink:

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Sorry I'm a little late on this.. Bold= Southeast Division

Toronto Maple Leafs: 1 FINAL :D

Boston Bruins: 2

Montreal Canadiens: 1 FINAL :(

Florida Panthers: 5

Minnisota Wild: 7 FINAL SO :D

Nashville Predators: 6

St. Louis Blues: 2 FINAL :D

Edmonton Oilers: 6

Chicago Blackhawks: 2 FINAL SO :(

Pheonix Coyotes: 3

Philedelphia Flyers: 4 FINAL :D

Los Angeles Kings: 3

Go Bruins, Habs, Wild, Oilers, Blackhawks, and Flyers!

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Habs lost 5-1..

I felt like there were 24 Panthers on the ice all the time. They were all over us.. not one time would a guy get a chance to get a good shot at the net because he had a million guys on him.. it was horrible.

And Abby didn't help :(

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Aw.. I'm sorry Cath. I like the Habs too.. Just not as much as you :D

Tonights games! Bold = Southeast division!

Carolina Hurricanes: 4 FINAL :D

Washington Capitals 1

Colorado Avalanche: 3 FINAL :(

Columbus Blue Jackets: 0

Ottawa Senators: 2 FINAL :(

New Jersey Devils: 3

Dallas Stars: 5 FINAL :D

Atlanta Thrashers: 3

Pittsburg Penguins: 2 FINAL :(

Buffalo Sabres: 4

New York Islanders: 2 FINAL SO :(

Tampa Bay Lightning: 3

Detroit Red Wings: 1 :D

Calgary Flames: 4

St. Louis Blues: 2 FINAL :(

Vancouver Canucks: 4

Chicago Blackhawks: 4 FINAL :D

Anaheim Ducks: 3

Go Canes, Jackets (pity..), Sens, Stars. Penguins, Islanders. Flames, Blues, and Blackhawks!

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Sabres win 4-2

Great game...Fins first day back, and he scores the first goal! yay! :mrgreen: And Dru's goal drought ended also tonight, so i was relieved there. Pancakes played very very well. Couple ridiculous saves. But i still hope to see Milsy in net tomorrow. :lol:

Go Sabres!!!

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